Watch these 10 Amazing Birds from India

India is a pleasing place for watching for birds. Apart from the bird parks and sanctuaries, you can also spot some birds around the city and the villages. You can enjoy some types of birds around houses, such as Indian sparrow, Rock Pigeon, Common White Crane and Indian Myna.

If you explore the forest areas or around the beautiful villages in India, you might notice some of the other types of birds, such as Pied Kingfisher, wild dove, Saker falcon and others. Also see birds of paradise species that native to Papua. Each bird species in different places have amazing characteristics. Let’s watch these 10 amazing birds coming from India.

  • The Sunbird

The Sunbird is a very beautiful and small passerine bird that is distributed throughout the Indian Subcontinent. There are around 132 species of Sunbird you can find around India just like other birds feeding on nectar and insects and spiders.

  • Rose Pinged Parakeet

This beautiful Ring necked Parakeet is native to the Asian and spread up around Afro-Asian. This Indian Ring-Necked Parrot is a popular pet in India and in the wild. They mainly feed in buds, vegetables, nuts, berries and seeds.

  • Green Bee Eater

The little Green Bee Eaters are mostly found around the field of wheat. Green Bee Eaters can be found mainly in grasslands, thin scrub and forests. They can also be found well away from water.

They feed mainly on insects, such as bees, wasps and ants which are caught in the air by an open perch. Besides, this bird can also be found inside the ground throughout the large range of Asia.

Similar to other bee-eaters, this species has rich color and slender body. Its body is about 9 inches long with two inches made up be elongated central tail-feathers.

  • Indian Roller

Indian Roller is one of the most famous and beautiful birds you can meet in India. This is also a sacred bird for Hindu, which is the main religion in India.

You can commonly see this type of bird across the roadside trees, wires and open grasslands and forests nearby any village. The Indian Roller has another name, which are Blue Jay and Neelkanth in Indian local language.

Do you know that there is migration of birds? That’s why a species of birds can be found in different places though they are native to certain place.

  • Asian Koel

The Koel is a member of cuckoo family and can be found across all over India. This bird mainly feeds on berries fruits and insects as well. The best time to spot this singing bird is during monsoon period.

This beautiful bird is widely used as the symbol in Indian poetry. The Male Koel has greenish-black with red eyes, while the female has brownish color.

Asian Koels are very vocal during the breeding season, which ranges from March to August). The males will sing the familiar song of repeated koo-Ooo while the females will make a kik-kik-kik-kik call.

  • Black Drongo

Black Drongo is another native bird of Indian subcontinent. It can also be found nowadays around Southern Asia.

Black Drongo can be easily noticed by its wholly black body with a unique forked tail. Black Drongo mainly feeds on insects. Black Drongos are known to be aggressive birds as they will attack much larger species that enter their nesting territory, including crows and other birds of prey.

You can find this bird around the open agricultural areas of the village and in the light forest as well.

  • Laughing Dove

The Laughing Dove is a small pigeon living in the forests, scrubs, dry farmland and resident breeders as well. The Laughing Doves are also called as the Little Brown Doves. They mainly feed on grass, seeds, grains, other vegetation and small insects.

Doves are mostly kept as pets. Here are the reasons to be sure that doves make good pets.

The Laughing Dove is typically 25 cm long. Its color is pinkish brown on the underside with a lilac tinged head and neck. The chuckling call is commonly a low rolling croo-doo-doo-doo-doo with a rising and falling amplitude.

Dove is identical with white color, but it is not always. See the article about doves not always white here are more about the exotic species.

  • Red Vented Bulbul

This Red Vented Bulbul is a member of the bulbul famiy and a resident of the Indian subcontinent. This is one of the most common birds in India. Red Vented Bulbul is easily noticed by its short crest that giving the head a squarish appearance.

The color of the body is dark brown and it has scally pattern. The head is darker or even black. It also has black tail that is tipped in white.

  • Babbler

Babbler, or the Jungle Babbler, is a bird that is native to the Indian Subcontinent. They are commonly found in small groups of six to ten birds around the cities. They are social birds and have a good maintenance of the group and territories. You can easily spot this bird around the town.

  • White-throated Kingfisher

If you explore the river and any water bodies around India, you can find the small Blue Kingfisher. The habitat of this bird ranges from Indian to Southeast Asia. You might also notice the White-throated Kingfisher and Pied Kingfisher nearby any water bodies while you are fishing.

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