7 List of Flightless Bird in the World

Birds are animals with so many species. The diversity of bird species in the world depend on their habitat, food or predators. Birds are identical animals with feathers and wings. In general, they are able to fly using their wings. Even some of them can fly above to the sky.

But the existence of their feathers and wings do not allow all birds to use their wings to fly. There are some birds that have evolved so that they cannot fly or known as flightless birds.

Yet, a bird that cannot fly does not mean it gets weakness. The facts, they have other advantages and abilities to support their lives.

Well, what are those? Here are some types of birds that apparently flightless. They have their own unique abilities. Let’s meet them.

  • Penguin

Penguins are a type of bird that has an attractive appearance. They do not have the ability to fly, but they are one of the animals that can swim very well. Their small wings that cannot be used to fly are actually very useful for swimming.

The animals that live in the Antarctic region are very unique with predominantly white and black colours through their body. They have smooth and thick fur to maintain temperature in cold habitats.

Because they cannot fly and are good at swimming, they have food that spreads throughout land and in water such as krill (a type of shrimp), fish, squid and other aquatic animals that are captured when they swim.

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  • Ostrich

Ostriches are one of the largest species of birds on earth. In general, ostriches have long necks and legs. In fact, ostriches are African native animals.

Even though it doesn’t have the ability to fly, ostriches are able to run very fast. With their long legs they can run up to 70 km / hour.

They usually live in groups. If they feel threatened, they will lie down on the ground or run away. However, they can also attack and chase with their feet if they are too disturbed.


One type of flightless bird is the cassowary. Cassowary bird is a type of bird that originated from Papua New Guinea to the east of Australia. Papua New Guinea have so many beauty animals. Let’s Meet with These 7 Beautious Papua New Guinea Animals.

Because they cannot fly, they will eat anything on land such as fruits, mushrooms, invertebrates and other small vertebrates. Uniquely, this animal is a very shy animal.

So that when they feel disturbed, they can fight to cause very serious injury. This is why cassowary are classified as one of the most dangerous birds in the world.

  • Kiwi

Well, kiwi is another type of bird that cannot fly or flightless bird. This animal is native to endemic New Zealand. Interestingly, as a native animal to New Zealand, the kiwi bird is used as a symbol of that country.

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Unfortunately, the kiwi bird population is now endangered. Their habitat is constantly decreasing. However, various efforts were made to preserve them such as making their habitat as a protected national park.

  • Kakapo

This bird that cannot fly (flightless bird) is very interesting. They are also known as large parrots that cannot fly.

Because of its beauty, kakapo birds are often used as pets. They are nocturnal animals, which will spend their life at night to look for diets. They are herbivore birds that will eat plants.

  • Parrots

Who would have thought a parrot could not fly? Even though it looks like it has wings and is considered capable of flying, but in reality parrots are birds that cannot fly or flightless bird.

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  • Emu

Besides ostriches, emus are large birds that also cannot fly. Emu is also a type of bird that has the second highest body after the ostrich. In Australia, there are 3 species of emus.

Even though they can’t fly, they have long legs and a long neck. With those legs, they can become very good runners.

They can run up to speeds of 70 km / hour. Emus are omnivore, they will eat everything. Their favourite food is various types of plants and insects.

Uniquely, emus can live without eating for a week. They are also known as animals that rarely drink. They have great curiosity. Emu likes to follow anything strange they find.

Now, those are some types of birds that cannot fly (flightless bird). Although they are unable to fly, each of them has their own uniqueness. They can live with their situation without having to fly.