5 Endangered Sea Turtles Species

Hello there animal lovers and respectable readers. Do you loves animals facts, guide and also tips for animal care? Then you might have come to the right place. We are website that provides reliable source of animal care tips and guide. We are striving to provide the best and reliable sources of any animals information from tips, guides and interesting facts, from common pet animals such as cats, dogs and birds, and more exotic pets such as squirrel and reptiles. Now, today what we are going to talk is about reptiles, especially turtle not just regular turtle but sea turtle.

Some of you might already know that most of the sea turtles species are considered as endangered animals, which means they are protected by law. Yes, sea turtles are endangered animals and it is forbidden to hunt them, kill them, and try to bring it home. It is ilegal by laws to try to hurt sea turtles by any means. If you are trying to bring sea turtles as your pets without any permission from government, then you will surely be punished by government.

Why sea turtles are endangered? and which sea turtles species are considered endangered and which are not? Well, we will try to answer all of it in our article bellow here. Be sure to leave a like and comment to show us your opinion about this. Allright then, let’s get started shall we? on our 5 Endangered Sea Turtles Species you should know and aware about. In total there will be 6 turtle species that are critically endangered around the world.

Why sea turtle is endangered and some endangered sea turtle species from all around the world

There are many reason behind sea turtle dwindling species and causing them to be endagered species. The one main reason why sea turtle is nearly drove to extinction is human cause. Human hunt sea turtle for their meat, fins, and their shells for souvenir. Their meat and fins are considered delicacy in many Asian countries, especially Chinese. Chinese medicine also used sea turtle meat, fin and shell for its material. Chinese medicine is sought after by many people, meaning that they will pay for a lot of money for sea turtle, and that is why sea turtle are hunted and droven to nearly extinction thanks to human greed.  Other than hunted by human, one reason sea turtle becoming nearly extinct is sea pollution caused by human. Human make ocean becoming hostile place for sea turtle by dumping lot of hazardous things such as oil spills, tons of plastic, rubbish, and many more. Many experts even believe that pollution caused by human have changed sea water into becoming much more acid than the last decades. If this is continue, our ocean will turn into giant sea of acid which is very bad. Here are 6 turtle species that are critically endangered and could extinct if human didn’t do anything about it.

  • Greens Turtle
  • Green turtle is one of the most popular sea turtle species but sadly one of the species that are critically endangered thanks to human hunting them to near extinction. Green turtle habitat is on the warm coast of tropical region but they can also migrating to other part of ocean depending on the current. Although they could live for a very long time, ocean becomes a very violent place for green turtle to live. Entanglement of fishermen’s net, sea pollution, illegal poaching and hunting are the reason why green turtle are driven to near extinction.
  • Hawksbills Turtle
  • Hawksbills turtle have unique bird like bills for its mouth, and they are really a unique species. In last decades, there are plenty of hawksbills turtles all around the world, and they are not that critically endangered. These days, hawksbills turtles become one of the most critically endangered sea turtle species and even one of the most critically endangered animal species in this world. Many people have tried to prevent hawksbills turtle extinction with captivity, laws protection and sea turtles farm. This turtle have slow reproduction which is the reason why this turtle becoming critically endangered in the first place.
  • Leatherback Turtle
  • Leatherback turtle is one of the giant sea turtle species, and it is actually the fourth biggest reptile in the world, and the largest of sea turtle species. Sadly, this gigantic aquatic reptile is also critically endangered and now their species are dwindling rapidly. They have long lifespan but they also have very slow reporduction. This combined with factors like human exploiting their habitats, hunting their shells, stealing turtle eggs, and sea pollution make leatherback turtle becoming one of the endangered species of turtle.
  • Olive Ridley Turtle 
  • Olive Ridley Turtle might not that popular as green turtle or leatherback turtle. Olive Ridley turtle is one of the sea turtle species that now becoming vulnerable species and soon becoming critically endangered species. This species can be found in Indian Ocean and South China Sea, however the decreasing population of this turtle made it so hard to see this aquatic reptile in the wild. Now, there are many captivity and sea turtle farms trying to prevent extinction of this unique aquatic reptile.
  • Flatback Turtle
  • This turtle is native to Australia and Pacific Ocean. This turtle is unique as it is not that big, and just like the name stated have flatback shell. Flatback turtle becoming endangered due to human exploitation, hunts, poaching, sea pollution around Australia and many more. Flatback turtle just like many other turtle have slow breeds that is why they are really hard to breed in captivity, but human have making so much progress by creating many sea turtle farms and captivity.

Now, that is 5 Endangered Sea Turtles Species and causes on why they becoming critically endangered. We need to protect these beautiful species if we son’t want them to become extinct in the near future. It is for the sake of our child and grandchild so they can see and know what is sea turtle and what makes them as unique aquatic animals.