4 Best Animal Hospital Around the World

Our health must be our main priority, that is number one rule as a living creature. We’ve been created as a flesh and bone which make us want it or not – take a daily routine to make sure everything is fine and normal. Take some exercise every single day, monitoring our foods, and go to routine check up once in a while are part of our effort to maintain our bodies state. No one won’t to be sick, and live in misery – especially the one which related to health issues; diseases, illness, etc.

Not only our body state, as humankind who have given emotion and feeling, it’s also our job to make sure that our psychology (mental health) as fine as our body state. As we know, unstable emotion and feeling could lead us to do something that would endanger ourselves and other people. Let’s just take example, such depression and anxiety. The most common yet dangerous mental health problem that I’m sure, many of us have experienced it. Depression and anxiety would manipulate our behavior and thought (prone to negativity), which the worst cases is led one individual to committed suicided.

Therefore, medical professional was needed to monitor our health stability – physically and mentally – doctor for our physical illness and psychologist for our mental health. But, wait… we’re not the only creature that need all of these necessities, could you guess it, my friend? Yes, correct – animal! Indeed, animals are the closest living creature that could be related to human based on the psychology and physical point of view. As we know, animal indeed could feel what people we feel. Animal psychology could impact the animal behavioral – manifest in some behavior problems.

The thing is, animal couldn’t take care of themselves like us. They need another party to solving their problem, let’s put our pet as the real example. Could your dog get rid of seasonal allergies by himself? Of course not. It is our job as his human to treat the issue that strike him. So do the same with other disease. They could be an easy target for those dangerous bacteria or viruses that could lead them to deadly diseases and problematic health issues. Now, you would understand how important veterinarian in our animal’s lives.

However, today, we would talk about 4 best animal hospital around the world based on the polling and interviews of some veterinary organizations and expert. These 4 best animal hospital around the world was rated based on their services, treatment, and routine care for their  animals patients. Without further do, let’s check it out!

1. ASPCA-Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital

Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital was located in New York – precise address is 424 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128 – known for the good track record of healing and treat the animal in need. Founded by Henry Bergh who is known as the founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1866. ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital own emergency and surgical facility which famous with the high-quality and took specialization in shelter animals and general medicine for public since 1912.

This hospital own approximate about twenty-one professional paramedics (veterinarian) included the specialist of surgery and internal medicine, also about thirty-one of veterinary technicians with licenses whose providing all patients with compassionate services and up-to-date treatment. Furthermore, they also provided animal’s rescue and protection from homelessness and cruelty – you could adopt some animals too, isn’t that nice?

2. Northeast Angell Memorial Animal Hospital

The hospital also known as MSPCA (The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)-Angell, located in South Huntington Avenue Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. MSPCA as part of animal’s protection organization take care of many problems of animals, such as abused animal, injured animal, provide animal adoption, and of course veterinary hospital. Acknowledge, this hospital was existed since 1868 and already help thousands of animals in needs.

In MSPCA-Angell, animals could get variety of veterinary services, and other programs and resources, such as animal training and behavior, spay/neuter programs, help you search and reunite with your lost pet, also you could report some cruelty activities of animal to this hospital, and they would do the fast respond and do the rescue action to safe the animal. The name of hospital itself taken from George Thorndike Angell – the animal activist who sparked his vision throughout generations.

3. The Animal Medical Center

Another list of top hospital around the world is The Animal Medical Center, located in New York, USA. The animal medical center apparently was the world’s greatest non-profit animal and part of of national leader of animal care since 1910. The hospital own approximate about eighty veterinarians in over twenty-five specialties and services – ready to help your animal issues in the hands of professional. However, the other good news is, this hospital is opened twenty-four hours a day, so you don’t need and just come whatever and whenever you need a help.

Almost over a hundred years The Animal Medical Center compassionately take care of animal in needs. Furthermore, they also have an interesting background story of the hospital which was one of women big organization that time called New York Women’s League for Animals after their separation with ASPCA.

4. The Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Veterinary Science Hospital

Fuih.. Yup, this hospital have a very long name to remember, my friend – but, just as long as its name, this hospital was the largest animal hospital in Turkey. Opened in 1987, the hospital already treats thousands of illness, sickness in animals every single year. This hospital own over than sixty members of veterinarians and split into five specializations, such as wild animal reproduction and artificial insemination, surgery, internal diseases, and gynecology and obstetrics.

This hospital would absolutely ready to meet with the animal issues in twenty-four hours a day – even an emergency room that full of prepare staff members. With this such of reputation, many people trust them to take care of their beloved animal, and the result was spectacular!