Can Turtles Survive in All Temperature Level?

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First of all, before we are going to talk about turtle, Do you know what turtle is? What is type that considered as turtle, what is turtle in general, and how to differentiate turtle between tortoises? Lot of questions here, but we try to answer all of them as best as we could. Turtle is species of reptile from testudines family. Testudines is family of reptile which have special characteristic of hard shell as their exterior body that function as their home and have scale covering their outer body. Basically, tortoise and turtle comes from exact same family of testudines, however they come from different order of animals. Tortoise are subspecies of turtle, and there are differences between land tortoise and turtle. Generally land tortoise live in land, didn’t need much water, and their diets consists of vegetables while turtle needs more water to live, live in water or close to water and their diets consists of vegetables and sometimes small fishes.

Back onto main topic, turtle is one of the most popular aquatic reptile that many people loves and always popular in many country. Turtle however, need a lot of care, maintenance as well as cost in keeping them alive. Apart from the fact that they live for a long time, which means turtle owner need to take care of them for a long time and need constant money to do that, turtle need to be in perfect temperature levels. So, the questions here Can Turtles Survive in All Temperature Level? We will try to answer it as best as we could so be patient.

So, can turtle be put in different temperature level and what is the best temperature for them?

First of all, you need to know that turtle, especially aquatic turtle couldn’t survive without water for a couple days. Aquatic turtle, just like its name stated needs water in order for them to survive. Water is really important for aquatic turtle for them to moist their skin, feeds, drink and many more. Turtle would die in environment without much water for them.

Although turtle have very long lifespan and don’t ask much attention from you, they are quite fragile in terms of environment and temperature. They can’t withstand extreme heat or cold. The answer on the question about whether turtle could survive in all temperature level is actually quite simple. Turtle couldn’t withstand extreme temperature, and sudden changes of temperature for them could be dangerous and could cause many trouble for them. That is why you should care about the habitat temperature for your turtle.

You need to know that turtle and tortoise is reptile, which means they have cold blood. Cold blooded animal body couldn’t produce its own body warmth and they need to depend on external heat sources. That is why most reptiles live in warm tropical countries and they couldn’t live very well in cold countries. Reptile like turtle will mostly try to soak in day light to warm up their body. Some turtle and tortoise can’t tolerate extreme and sudden changes in temperature. We will explain it further bellow here.

  • Turtle couldn’t withstand cold temperature but some of turtle can hibernate

Most of turtle is tropical animal and most of them come from tropical country. Turtle and tortoise will need tropical temperature which means you will need to provide heater for warmth if you live in cold countries. You will need to provide heater in your turtle habitat. You can buy heater from local pet shop, and you also need to provide your habitat with special warmth light. You can also buy special reptile lamp from local pet shop.

In cold countries, you will need to provide warmth source for your turtle. In summertime, your turtle might enjoy the warmth by soaking in sunlight, while your turtle won’t get cold in the night. However, in colder season like winter, some turtle will enter their hibernating state. During this hibernating state, they will sleep for a very long time, bury themselves in their habitat, and they will wake up once the weather is warm enough. Some of turtle will hibernate and some of turtle won’t hibernate. If you bought tropical turtle, they tend to not hibernate when the weather is cold, so you will need to provide them with extra heat source.

  • So, what about hot temperature?

Actually, turtle could enjoy hotter temperature more than cold temperature. Since they are cold blooded animal, they enjoy warmth much more than cold. Some of tortoise kind, especially desert tortoise even could withstand extreme heat with a very small amount of water and they could withstand for a very long time. If you have aquatic turtle however, they are fine in heat but you need to make sure they have enough water for them to survive. Make sure to give them cold pond so they can bath themselves to take shelter in hot weather.

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