Let’s Protect these Top 6 Most Endangered Animals in China

More and more animals nowadays are getting endangered due to several factors: exploitation, habitat destruction, and others. China is one of the countries which experiences many of its animals are getting endangered. It is really sad to see those animals get their endangered status. Also meet these native animals China. What are the endangered animals […]

Let’s Protect these Endangered Feline Species

Do you know that wild cat species experience long list of challenges? One of the challenges is being extinct. It happens due to several reasons, such as degraded and destroyed habitat, hunting and poaching. Many species of feline around the world are facing extinction and it is possible that they are going extinct soon. There […]

Meet these 5 Endangered Animals in Australia

Australia is a home for various animals and plants. You can consider observing these animals to see in Australia. However, due to a lot of threats to their survival, most of the organisms, especially the animals in Australia become critically endangered. There are around 96 critically endangered species of animals as listed by the IUCN. […]

Let’s Save these 5 Endangered Animals of Southeast Asia!

Southeast Asia is a home of biodiversity of different and unique species of animals. Just mention orangutan, Asian elephant, and Sumatran tiger. Those species of animals are spread widely through the big countries of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Also look at these animals native to Southeast Asia too! Sadly saying, despite […]

7 Endangered Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

Everybody must have known the Amazon Rainforest for having the highest level of biodiversity on earth. The Amazon Rainforest is home for hundreds of thousands of animals, including birds, mammals, and insects species. Unfortunately, the wildlife there is under attack and has been experiencing this attack for years. Who are the suspects? Humans are most […]