7 Points of Differences Between Seals and Sea Lions Not Everyone Knows!

Have you ever thought of the difference between sea lions and seals? Sea lions and seals might look similar at a glance, however, they have a number of differences in their physical characteristics and behaviors. Sea lions is also considered one of the aquatic mammals. Sea lions and seals are two different families of marine […]

4 Dangerous Marine Animals in Australia

Australia is home and has always been known for its wildlife. People from all around the globe travel to this country just to have a look around at what this place could offer. Most of the animals to be found in this country are deadly animals. Not just animals, but specifically marine animals. There are […]

7 Spectacular Sharks Around the World – Watch Out!

Known for their brute force and amazing strength, sharks are known to be predators of the seas or rivers. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on where they originate. Some sharks are gigantic freshwater fishes while others are seawater. Wherever the shark lives in, its size would at least be 1 meter long […]

Let’s Meet with These 7 Whales Around the World

Whale is one of the mammals that lives in the sea. Like other mammals, whale will give birth through its breeding season. Whale has mammary glands and even does not breathe with the gills but the lungs. Let’s Meet with These Earth’s Aquatic Mammals here. In general, whales can be divided into two types namely […]

7 Earth’s Deep-Sea Creatures

Within a world that is vast of different species of animals, we often neglect the fact that there are millions of more species to be uncovered. These animals are not easy to study or to reach, due to it living thousands of meters below seawater. These animals are strong survivors, able to survive deep-sea pressure […]

8 Fastest Swimming Animals On Earth

Whether it is in murky waters or ocean blue waters, there will always be the fastest amongst other sea creatures. Their speed could reach up to 110 km/h and some could even jump from underwater to mid-air. Well today, we’ll be learning about the ocean’s fastest swimmers. From big to small, these creatures will blow […]

6 Amazing Antarctica Marine Animals You Could Find

Antarctica is a continent that covers the South Pole of the Earth which is almost entirely located in the Antarctic Circle and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice with an average thickness of at least 1.9 km. It means that Antarctica […]