8 Dangerous Animals in Japan You Should be Aware of

Japan is a fun place to visit as it has many interesting things to explore. Japan’s wildlife is also worth visiting and exploring. Japan also owns many endemic species that can be found nowhere else in other parts of the world. Some of the species are also endangered and rare. Talking about animals in Japan, […]

Stay Away from these Dangerous Animals in Thailand

Wherever you go, you will always find dangerous creatures, including plants and animals. Dangerous animals are everywhere. So, as humans, we need to be knowledgeable about those animals, especially when we are visiting a country, like Thailand. Thailand is a home of various wildlife, including the dangerous animals. Also see some other dangerous animals in […]

5 Dangerous Animals in Indonesia You Should Know

Visiting a country is always an exciting and hilarious experience. While traveling to a country, you can enjoy the city life and natural attractions, including the native animals and plants. However, this world is also full of dangerous animals you need to be aware of. Some other countries also have dangerous animals just like elaborated […]

Be Ready to Get Terrified with these Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

Every country has some dangerous animals people can find. If you plan to visit a certain country or place, it is a must for you to know what dangerous animals you can find there. By knowing the dangerous animals in a certain place, then you will be able to prevent fatal accident or even death. […]

Be Aware of These 7 Most Dangerous Animals in Russia

Traveling to Russia can be a joyful experience. Staying in a five-star hotel and exploring the country are surely the most common things you can enjoy in Russia. However, for some people who prefer to have traditional and adventure itinerary for traveling in Russia, they might want to explore Russian forests more. If you are […]

6 Most Dangerous Lizard in the World

Lizard is a type of reptile that is very much in the world. Researchers have found about 40 types of lizards scattered in the world. However, despite their sinister appearance, some of them can be exotic pets. Of course, not all of them can be pets, because some of them should be watched out and […]

You Should Watch Out of these 7 Innocent Looking Animals that are Deadly

Just like what people say, do not judge a book by its cover. This term also applies to the animals that we will be discussing today. These animals might look like calm and without any terrifying physical attributes. But as a matter of fact, these animals have hidden attributes and uniqueness that most people don’t […]

Beware of These 8 Dangerous Insects in the World

When you think about survival to the fittest. Immediately you think about larger animals that can kills smaller ones. Yet, actually, some small creatures like insects can be very deadly. With a wide variety of insects in the world, you can only imagine how many of them are really dangerous to other animals or even […]

8 Most Dangerous Animals in New Zealand

As an isolated country, New Zealand is one of the world’s safest place to visit. Generally, New Zealand does not possess any animals that can seriously put human’s life in danger. It means that there are no deadly venomous scorpions or snakes that you need to be worried about in New Zealand. However, there are […]

5 Scary Animal Over the World, Watch Out!

The mother nature oftentimes confront us with the scariest situation in wildlife. Begins from the diversity of wild animal variety, from the dangerous animal of Amazon, the aggressive lion of South Africa, to the beautiful creature yet deadly polar bear in the Arctic. Everything could happen in wildlife. Yet, our human’s curiosity would never allow […]