The Importance of Duck Nesting For Raising Duck Process

Talking about nesting, it can be assumed that all bird clans must make nest. Or if you want to expand, all spawn animals will make nest to protect their eggs. Their eggs need to be protected because the instinct of survive and continue their offspring.

Keeping their eggs is not an easy thing. Some mother bet lives since they took the eggs out of their bodies until the eggs hatch perfectly. Protection is not only done so that predators do not kill their eggs but also the parent must ensure that they get enough food supply. The process of laying eggs is not an easy process.

For duck, nesting is certainly a very important thing. Although some types of ducks are grown for economic purposes, their natural habits may be change. But it doesn’t mean that their nesting process is lost. It would be very wrong if humans try to get rid of their habits.

Humans are usually bothered by the nesting process carried out by ducks, especially if their homes are close to laying duck farms. Things like noise and dirt in the form of duck feathers will scatter everywhere.

However, will stopping the natural habit of the duck solve the problem? Of course not. Here are the reasons for the importance of nesting processes for ducks.

  • Natural habit

As we know, nesting is a natural duck habit. Before we maintain or raise for industrial purposes, ducks are wild animals that need to survive in the wild. They must try themselves to lay and protect their eggs. No one can guarantee their safety except themselves. One effort to maintain the safety of their eggs since being released and hatched is to make a nest. It is true that if they live on a farm, their safety will be guaranteed for predators who will kill them. But if this natural habit is eliminated, does it not interfere with their psychological balance? Ducks can feel something maybe we don’t know because they can’t talk to us. But if it feels something is missing, the mind will respond as ‘error’ or ‘something unusual’, right? Eliminating the nesting process might make the duck squeeze because they keep asking ‘why can’t I make the things I should do?’. When duck feel stressed, of course it will affect their egg production, remember? A little advice for duck egg farmers, still facilitating their natural habits for nesting. If you want to move it to a special cage, move it along with the nest.

  • Part of their life

The motherly instinct that will protect their children is certainly inseparable from female duck. Just like other mothers, all will be sacrificed for the sake of their children. Female duck goes through many phases before succeeding in making a nest and seeing their child grow. Even they will be more sensitive when laying eggs. Wouldn’t it make them more sensitive when we could not facilitate their nesting needs? Of course, it will add to their burden. Then, will all processes be taken from female duck? As a living creature, of course it will be very difficult to eliminate this interest. Nesting is part of the activity of protecting their child. It was an instinct that could not be controlled and would appear naturally when the female duck turned into duck momma.

Maybe after this you will ask ‘then what about the duck whose eggs are hatched in an unnatural way?’ or ‘what about duck that are separated into other cages that make them unable to make their own nest?’. Well, the question is true. That’s why for the sake of industry, often what human does eliminate the natural habit of duck. Maybe they will not respond to anything when we erase that habit, but the activity will certainly violate the natural habits of duck.

Not all farms facilitate this duck’s natural habit, but it would be very good if we tried not to get rid of their natural habits intentionally. Aside from anything while not urgent to apply, let them do the nesting process.

As being who are higher in degree, have more perfect thinking skill, and have higher power, we human shouldn’t try to change what God gives to His creatures. If we need something from God’s creation, we should also give them something they need that supports our needs for them. If we want to get something then we should fight, right?