7 Common Mistakes in Poultry Farming Beginners Should Know!

Is raising chickens in a poultry an easy job? Even the experienced poultry farmers would agree that poultry farming can be challenging, especially for the first time. Chickens are highly susceptible to different kinds of problems, both the health and environmental problems. Make sure you also read these challenges when starting a poultry farming business. […]

Practical Ways to Keep your Chickens Salmonella Free

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, backyard chickens are likely to be sources of an outbreak of Salmonella in the U.S. Salmonella is a group of bacteria that live in human and animal intestines. These bacteria come from poultry, raw meat and eggs and are known to have infected around 768 people […]

How to Tell your Chickens have Worms

Chickens love worms, but they may also get exposed to worms. Worms can be serious problems for chickens, so that every chicken owner needs to be aware of the symptoms. The worms in the chicken’s body are processed through the digestive tract. All of us know that chickens spend the time hunting and pecking in […]

Beware of these 5 Common Diseases in Poultry

Chickens are mainly raised for their meat or eggs. No matter what you raise your chickens for, you should keep them healthy and happy. Happy chickens will make happy owners, means more profit for your hatchery. If you’re a beginner in poultry farming, then this guide to start layer poultry farming for beginners will be […]

Let’s Take a Look at These 6 Main Challenges of Breeding Chicken

Breeding chicken on your farm is not an easy job, but it is a fun thing to do. Do you agree? Who doesn’t love to get your own chicken meat and eggs in your hand? As a beginner in breeding chicken, there might be some difficulties and challenges you will face. However, don’t worry too […]

Look at these 8 Chicken Breeds You can Raise at Home!

Who does not feel excited looking at the chicks and chickens on your own farm? They are cute and lovable. If you are thinking of raising chickens and building a small farm, it is not a bad idea. Raising chickens is a fun and challenging activity. Fun because there are lots of new members that […]

Look at These 5 Brilliant Tips on Breeding Chicken for Beginners

Breeding chickens is a fun thing to do. Besides getting eggs and meat, you can find the fun things raising chickens in your farm. Fun and challenging are two best words describing how people think of breeding chicken. You need to consider some things, such as the breed of chicken you want to raise, the […]

Getting Closest with Hawaiian Duck: A Charismatic Duck from Koloa Hawaii

Ducks are famous poultry animals that raise mostly as livestock; but, however, there’s so many people who raise them as pet too. Ducks has so many breeds varieties, include: egg-laying ducks, wood ducks, Mallard and Rouen ducks, Muscovy ducks, and the duck that become our main topic today: Hawaiian duck. The nursery of the duck […]

How to Make Your Own Duck Feed

Do you like to feed wild birds at local parks or pounds? That must be a fun activity to do, right? Then, how about feeding a duck? Well actually, there is some debate about feeding ducks or other waterfowls. Some people say that we should not feeding the birds because it may stop their migration. […]

Ways To Construct A Cage for Newborn Chicks

Chickens has become an increasingly popular choice of livestock for breeders everywhere. It’s so popular that if you visit a local village anywhere in Indonesia, almost every corner of the civilisation is at least a home-based chicken farm. This is because chicken farms are a profitable source of income due to their high demands. The […]