2 disadvantages of consuming too much duck eggs

Duck egg is one of the most sought after poultry product and lately become a favorite egg for many poultry lovers. Similar to a chicken egg, duck egg is one of the most favorite eggs that become a staple of any kinds of dishes. Eggs are very versatile, delicious, cheap and can be very easy to get. Just like chicken eggs, now you can get duck egg very easy and quite cheap too.

Some people claim that duck egg is way better than a chicken egg and for duck lovers, they prefer duck egg more than a chicken egg. So, which one is better duck egg or chicken egg? If we compare them by nutritional value, duck egg is way much better with lot more protein than a chicken egg, natural fats that are more valuable than a chicken egg and duck egg have richer and more distinct taste than a chicken egg. Duck egg now is also widely available, meaning you can get them fairly easy from a market near you and some of supermarket also had duck egg on sale. So, we can say that duck egg has better nutrition than chicken although have a slightly more expensive price.

Duck egg is very healthy and can become the main source of daily protein to change chicken egg however overconsumption of duck eggs can also be unhealthy as you can get many complications. There are many disadvantages from overconsumption of duck eggs. Overconsumption of anything isn’t always good, so make sure you don’t eat too much duck egg. For now, here are 2 disadvantages of consuming too much duck eggs.

Disadvantages you can get from eating too much duck eggs

Duck contains very high protein, fats, and cholesterol levels. Even though our body needs fats to sustain life and growth our body didn’t need too much fat as it can harm our body in many ways. Cholesterol level on duck egg is quite notorious as they have very high cholesterol levels.

Duck egg is a popular source for protein source as they contain protein higher than a chicken egg, richer in flavor and contains a lot of fats that could be useful for our body. Duck eggs are also an alternative for people who can’t eat chicken eggs. It is excellent very easy to obtain and quite healthy too, no wonder many poultry lovers love to eat this kind of egg.

As much as you love them, overconsumption in duck egg can bring many complications and problems. Here is some example of problems and disadvantages you can get from consuming too much duck eggs, so be wary.

  • High cholesterol levels

Duck eggs contain a very high level of cholesterol twice higher than chicken eggs. One duck egg is enough to surpass daily cholesterol intake by three times. This is why it isn’t wise to consume duck egg if you have cholesterol problems. Other than cholesterol problems, cholesterol from duck eggs can also cause many other health problems like increasing weight, blocking in arteries causing cardiac arrest and many more. Since duck egg surpasses daily safe cholesterol levels, anyone who has cholesterol problem should avoid eating duck egg especially the yolk of duck egg since yolk contains the very high concentration of fats and cholesterol.

However, cholesterol and any other fats are safe to consumed by growing children, As it can help children to grow big. However, you still need to give your children moderation in eating duck eggs, at least once a day.

Cholesterol is considered as fatty acid and duck eggs contain a lot of fatty acids along with other fats. Consuming too much duck eggs will also give you excess consumption of fats. It is already notorious that you can get many health problems if you consume too much fat. The first thing you can get is weight gain resulting in obesity. Other than obesity, you can get many health problems like heart disease, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, stroke and many more. Be careful of what you eat every day.

  • Too much protein can cause many problems

Protein or amino acid are important components of our body. Protein had a role as a building block for our body. It is material for building muscle, organs, and bones. It also essential for rebuilding any broken muscle tissue and organ. We can say that protein helps our body to grow, help to heal any broken muscle to be better and stronger. If you want to have a bigger and stronger body, daily consumption of high protein is a must. However, just much other nutrition, there is always a limitation for everything. If you consume too much protein, there will be many consequences you can face.

Duck egg is an excellent source of protein. Single duck egg contains at least 9 gram of protein. It is higher than a chicken egg, so duck egg is an undeniably very good source of protein. Consuming too much duck eggs will also mean consuming too much protein. How consuming too much protein will affect our body? Isn’t good to just have a lot of protein as our building block in our body?

The first problems you might get for over-consuming protein might be weight gain. Consume too much protein and there will be excess protein. Excess protein will be turned and stored into fats. This with the excess of calories will give you heavy weight gain. Some people claim that high protein diet will give you weight loss but most of the time, this weight loss is just temporary. Another problem you might get is constipation. Consuming too much protein in duck egg will give you constipation, especially if you have low fiber intake as it will restrict any carbohydrates that you consume.

In the end, over-consumption of everything could lead to many dangerous problems. Consuming too much duck egg will result in many health problems. Duck egg is very nutritious food as they can give you a high protein, omega-3, fatty acids, calorie and many more. However, consuming too much duck foods proved to be very dangerous. Here are 2 disadvantages of consuming too much duck eggs and there are still many more yet to find, so if you find any more facts about it, let us know about it here.