Common Mistakes in Preparing Duck Laying Process

Laying egg is the time that really waited by laying duck farm. Laying egg is final time for them and it is a highest step during treatment process. After twenty-three days, those pregnant duck will laying egg perfectly. To increase your knowledge about laying duck, hit the best duck seed to rise as duck egg.

You may wonder why you face the egg production is getting low when you feel that your formula is proper, right? There is no disease, there is no lack, there is no food management problem but you wonder why the egg production is decrease. Basically, there is some mistakes in preparing duck laying process that unconsciously you did. Even all rules and tips steps you followed well, by these mistakes it will lose the number.

Here are common mistakes that make you lose the production.

  • Stressed

As we know stress also impact to egg production. Something that usually invites stress such like being chased, being picked up and petted or held a lot, being in a pen that is too small, enduring unhygienic living conditions, being bullied by chickens or other animals frequently, not always having water available. First of all, you need to find which one is the stressor. If the stress comes by the cage, get to know some tips how to make good cage for laying duck. Some question like, is it necessary for you to added pound? Is it good to put this cage here? Or is this ground supported enough to build a duck cage? Something you need to be considered like how much noise that allowed as duck cage, will you face.

  • Hiding their eggs

Duck momma often to hiding their egg under the nest. They usually covering the egg using cage base to protect the egg from any predator. Also, it is used to keep the egg warm. This hide location isn’t on one point but it is randomly spread all around the cage. Unfortunately, the farmer usually works to fast until forget this possibility.

  • Ratio calculation error

The beginner farmer usually doesn’t know how much ratio between male and female duck that must be place in one cage. They might thing that the more they added males and females, the more fertilisation will getting faster. In the fact, ratio between male and female duck must be synchronize with cage. The farmer also did the opposite ways while they didn’t add the female duck as properly.

  • Counting age error

Many farmers didn’t know how much ideal age for duck to pregnant and laying duck. They just try to fulfil the market want as soon as possible without care about is it too young for female duck to getting pregnant and laying duck or is it getting too old? Unready gen and body for too young female duck will break the fertilisation process and for too old female duck that mostly their gen and cell isn’t productive enough to pregnant, it is also disturb the egg production.

  • Stealing

Egg stealing can do by anyone. If it’s not you then who the earth will take the eggs? Stealing egg not also can do by human but also another animal. That’s why you need to watch your security system if you start to build farm.

  • Weather

Extreme weather also impacts to egg production. Too hot weather will increase the stress level in the duck and too cold weather will makes them hard to feel heat. That’s why you need to balance the temperature both during winter or summer.

  • Molting

Farmers may know that molting is just hair-fall process but did you know that moltng is more than just a hair-fall? Molting is natural thing that every-female ducks will face when they already laying duck. To increase your knowledge about duck molting, we already write it special on other article.

To maximize the amount of egg production, in addition to knowing the quality duck seeds you also need to calculate precisely. The calculation between the things that support maximizing egg production must be explored to the smallest thing. Big problems usually arise from small things and therefore it is necessary to observe small things that contribute to egg production. Standard matters such as duck hygiene and health need to be improved especially when the egg laying process comes, bacteria grows more rapidly. In addition, when the seasons change, it is necessary to increase total cleanliness.