Top 4 Allergies Relief for Dogs You Should Try

As the owner, we have to know about first aid in allergies dog. The relief is maybe just decreasing the injury, but it pressing the opportunity the allergy to getting bigger. Make sure you know about the steps and what you need to help your dog. So let’s jump to it.

Before you try to relief your allergies dog, you have to know about the symptom of his allergy. You have to know some symptoms which appeared when your dog is allergy. One of symptom is happened in the surface of his skin like red spot. And also, his behavior is turning into itchy and scratching.

What should I do to help my allergies dog?

Well your first aid relief to your dog is depended which symptom that appeared in his body. Also, you have to know which one is triggering of his allergy. Basically all information below is not all first aid which you can do in home. Information here is mixed between home-made relief and development relief. To solve this problem, you don’t need to just cure the effect but also you need to test specifically to stop the problem. Here will explaining to you the step of the relief

  • Otik liquid

This otik liquid is relief when your dog is scratching his ear badly. As we know that the biggest thing which is appeared over allergy is itchy and your dog will scratch it badly. The area which is scratch by your dog is usually on ear area. That area will into red and almost bleeding. To reduce it, you can swipe his ear with otik liquid which you can prepare it by yourself. This liquid makes by 50:50 mineral water and apple vinegar. Swipe it using cotton ball into his ear. It will help the itchy of your dog. You also can bath him with shampoo medicine which to press his itchy. There are many shampoos which included useful compounds to relief skin sores and inflammation. Bath your dog regularly can relief get rid of materials that have the potential to cause allergy attacks from feathers.

  • Testing method

Bring your dog into testing allergy to confirmed about his allergy stimuli. There are two standard allergies test which using the blood of your dog. The one called RAST (radioallergosorbent). And the second one called ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). Basically both of them is similar, but many scientist assume that ELISA will give you the result which more accurate over RAST.

  • Intradermal testing

Another test to confirm your allergies dog is intradermal testing over the skin. In this test, little antigen will be injected in to your dog. After that, the area around of injection will be observed to confirming is your dog allergy toward that antigen.

  • Stay away your dog with stimulator of the allergy

If you already know which one is the stimulator over your allergies dog, then put your dog away from that thing. You have to observe, which one is stimulator of your dog allergies. Is it from food? Is it from weather? Is it from fungi? Even your dog is therapy by desensitization with allergy injection, you better avoiding the allergy by put away your dog from stimulator. You better considering to immunotherapy for long term therapy. The injection of allergy is so safety and proved to cure the allergy, but the effect is so slowly. It takes for 6-12 months. After the stimulator is confirmed, immunotherapy will specially design to your dog and the therapy is ready to start. The mixed of antigen will formulated to hyposensitization injection. This injection will give for a view weeks till your dog developing immunity to the antigen, but it depend to antigen.

Note for you

If you know that the stimulator is from food, you maybe give your dog to diet. But you need to know that dog maybe allergy toward some foods when he eats it for long away. Many people are not predicted this case because the owner always give same food to his dog. The allergy to one ingredient can developing during the time, so give your dog with same food for a long time is not make the opportunity over food allergy is gone.

Another note is owner usually assume that the dog is so sensitive to low quality food. But in the fact is dog can allergy over ingredient which expensive and cheap price. One of the quality in expensive food is avoiding the ingredient which the most often involved in allergy reaction. You can give your dog the new protein. Allergy can develop by exposure. So the whole hypoallergenic diet is caused by protein and carb which never eat before. As explaining before that to confirm which one of food that caused for allergy, we have to test allergy. Because milk, meal, and oat is responsible of 80% allergy cases, you better avoid this kind as your dog food. New sources of protein used in hypoallergenic diets include venison, eggs, duck meat, kangaroos, and some types of fish that are not usually contained in pet food. Source of carbohydrates include potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes, and canned pumpkins. Considering to make home-made dog food. Almost allergies pet is responding well over diet hypoallergenic. But sometimes, your pet has bad allergy which makes diet hypoallergenic is the only one problem solving method. In this case, the diet has to structuring with vet.

Make it understand that even the test method is more expensive, it will increased the quality of life of your dog. If the stimuli allergy is identify and solve, your dog is getting healthy. Don’t claim that you don’t need to spend your money to caring your dog. It is really your responsibility to treat your dog well.

That’s all the information about top 4 allergies relief for dogs you should try. As said before that all methods are mixed between home-made method relief and development relief which you need for vet help. That because as preventive act when your dog is over situation of responding the allergy. Basically we don’t have to just put him away from stimulator allergy but also you have to confirming about which one is the stimulator to stop it. The essential of cure and healing is to stop the stimulator of the allergy. When you just cure the symptom which appeared in the surface without cure the main cause of the allergy, it is not relief but first aid. That allergy will come again and moreover getting worst because owner is never knew which is the most stimulator of the allergy. Not only by avoiding the stimulator but also we have to build up the immune of your dog in order to make him healthier. Basically as the owner who ready to pet an animal, you have to ready about the opportunity of allergy. We can’t predict it but it isn’t wrong to learn it as knowledge when it really happened, we can relief our own dog.