How to Tell if Your Dog is Poisoned: Important Notice for Owners

Seeing your lovely dog get poisoned by someone might be very painful and terrifying. You will never know what is happening outside, it is either someone who hates the presence of your dog or your dog accidentally eats something it is not supposed to eat. Honestly saying, your dog is easily exposed to poison. Also […]

Everything about Pneumonia in Dogs: An Important Notice for Owners

Pneumonia is considered as a serious disease, both for humans and your pets. Pets, such as dogs and cats are likely to suffer from pneumonia. As a responsible owner, you have to know every single thing about this disease as it might affect the way you treat your pets. Pneumonia can also attack cats, be […]

Symptoms and Cause of Hyperlipidemia in Dogs You Should Know

Hyperlipidemia is a condition of increased blood lipid levels, which consist of triglycerides, cholesterol, or both. This condition is also often called hyperlipoproteinemia, which is a condition in which the lipoproteins in the body increase imbalance.  This imbalance can occur due to disruption of lipoprotein metabolism which also disrupts fat transport to and from tissues. […]

Beware of These Foods That Cause Diarrhea in Dogs You Should Avoid

Diarrhea is a problem that is often experienced by pets, including dogs. Many of their behaviors directly or non, lead to the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the body. Diarrhea is a disease that causes your pet to have frequent bowel movements, with watery stools. Dog behaviors such as eating, chewing and licking make dogs […]

Tips on What Should You Do When Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious food and can relieve stress, but it’s for humans, and did you know that chocolate is actually dangerous for dogs?  Chocolate contains theobromine, it’s a substance similar to caffeine. This substance is harmless to humans but harmful to dogs. Even, this substance can be toxic to them. Chocolate can cause health problems […]

As an Owner You Have to Know These 11 Common Skin Problems on Dogs

The sound of a dog scratching or licking may sound very annoying. But don’t blame them for this habit, because just like humans, dogs can also experience skin problems. The causes differing from parasites, allergies and can even be caused by unknown internal diseases. These are common skin problems on dogs you must to know. […]

Helpful Guide on What Should You Do If Your Diabetic Dog Won’t Eat?

Do you know guys? As with humans, dogs can also come with diabetes mellitus. And if that happens, What should you do with your diabetic dog? And the question now is, can all dogs get diabetes? Like humans, although everyone has the possibility of developing diabetes, some people with diabetes genetics have a 2 times […]

7 Easy and Practical Ways of How to Manage Diet for your Diabetic Dog

Do you just discover that your dog is suffering from diabetes? Don’t worry too much but don’t take it easy as well. Diabetic dogs still can have long, healthy life. You won’t need to give them too much medicines to maintain the sugar level, but you can do it by maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Check […]

6 Dog Toys You Have to Avoid – You’d Better Know This

Playing with dogs is always a favorite leisure time. As dog is also a playful type of animal, playing with dog also brings some advantages, such as maintaining its health as it keeps moving, bringing happiness, reducing boredom and upgrading its mood and training its kinetics skill. Playing indoors is safer than playing outdoors, and […]

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog is Limping

Dogs really love to run around, especially joining their owner for morning walk or jogging. Walking or jogging is one of the simple exercises for your dog to maintain its health. However, how if your dog is limping, unable to walk or run properly just like usual? Similar to humans, dogs can get injuries or […]