5 Differences between Siberian Husky and Malamute

Siberian husky and malamute share a lot of characteristics in common. They are both spitz breeds, a type of cold weather dogs bred to work hard, and both of them are smart. Both of these dogs are not only similar in appearance and most definitely could be seen as brothers. Besides, they are also very […]

5 Possible Causes of Sudden Aggression in Dogs

It is really frightening to be around an aggressive dog, isn’t it? It is even more frightening to be around a dog that is usually friendly but then suddenly becomes really aggressive, showing its teeth, growling and lunging. In an extreme case, the aggressive dog may bite or attack you or other family members it […]

7 Interesting Ways on How to Keep your Dog Active Indoors

Keeping your dogs active is a key to maintain good health both for you and your dog. Most of dog owners like to bring their dogs outside to keep them active. However, it will be quite difficult when it comes during winter. Winter months can be very hard to keep your dog active, so it […]

Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs That Should be Known by Dog Owner

Lyme disease in dogs is one of the common tick-transmitted diseases in the world. However, there are only around 5 to 10% of them cause symptoms in the affected dogs. Some dogs have the symptoms, but some other never show any symptoms. This disease is able to create a number of health complications throughout the […]

Beware of these Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Dogs

All of us know how painful kidney stones can be, and the bad news is a dog can also experience kidney stones. The small deposits of minerals can break off and cause a great pain for your dogs as they try to use the bathroom. All dogs are susceptible of developing kidney stones, however, there […]

What Causes Bloating in Dogs Every Dog Parent Must Know

Every pet animal is possibly exposed to some illnesses or diseases. That’s why as an owner, you have to be aware to the symptoms, causes and how to treat those illnesses. Dogs are also able to get exposed to some illnesses, from the mild ones to the severe ones, such as these unknown but deadly […]

The 9 Best Vegetables Your Pet can Eat

Pets are parts of the family and due to that reason, the pet parents have to give the best care for their pets. Feeding pets might be as simple as giving food, but there are some food that are not suitable for pets. As a pet parent, it is very important to know which food […]

Never Feed these 7 Poisonous Food to your Dogs!

Dogs are lovely as well as opportunists. They will be pleased every time their parents feed them delicious foods. We, dog parents, sometimes cannot resist the big brown eyes and the cute grin they show us. Feeding our dog with some food or treats might not be harmful, but keep in mind that not all […]

Watch Out These Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar in Dogs

Low blood sugar is not only experienced by humans, but dogs also get possibility to get it. Low blood sugar or known as hypoglycemia is defined as the condition of having low blood sugar. This condition leads to some symptoms that mostly relate to the dog’s energy level. A normal blood glucose value is between […]

Follow These Ways on How to Treat Ringworm in Puppies

Puppies are a cute animal to own. They are also a very vulnerable pet at a very young age. This cute and adorable animal does have a lot of enthusiasts. In addition to the various types, the cute dog’s behavior also often makes many people want to make him a pet. You may have this […]