Watch Out These Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar in Dogs

Low blood sugar is not only experienced by humans, but dogs also get possibility to get it. Low blood sugar or known as hypoglycemia is defined as the condition of having low blood sugar. This condition leads to some symptoms that mostly relate to the dog’s energy level. A normal blood glucose value is between […]

Follow These Ways on How to Treat Ringworm in Puppies

Puppies are a cute animal to own. They are also a very vulnerable pet at a very young age. This cute and adorable animal does have a lot of enthusiasts. In addition to the various types, the cute dog’s behavior also often makes many people want to make him a pet. You may have this […]

5 Best Essential Nutrition for Diabetic Dog

Not only humans that can get diabetes, but dogs can too! That is why it is very important to protect your loved ones and do extensive research. Knowing more about your dog’s conditions will make you aware of the situation. Hence you would not end up harming your dogs. It is very imporatnt for you […]

Tachycardia in Dogs: Causes – Symptoms and Treatment

Tachycardia in dogs is simply defined as an abnormal condition of the heart rate. In other words, it can be called as abnormal rapid heart rate. A normal heart rate of a dog is determined by its size, ranging from 70 to 120 beats per minute (bpm). Smaller dogs tend to have higher heart rates […]

Essential Nutrients for your Senior Dogs You should Pay Attention to

Taking care of senior pets needs a lot of attention. Dogs go through final process, which is aging. Read and get to know more about aging in dogs: can it be recognized from the beginning. Make sure you know the signs of aging in dogs. Through the process of aging, you will surely need to […]

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs: Causes and Treatments

Urinary incontinence in dogs is a condition when a dog, specifically a housetrained dog loses his control of his bladder. This condition leads to the leaking of the dog’s urine. As a result, dog’s owner might find and need to clean up the dog’s pee in the house. You need to be careful of dog’s […]

Get to Know Treatment of Yeast Infection in Dog’s Ear

Have you ever seen your dog rubbing his ear or tilt his head? If yes, your dog might have an ear infection. There are some causes of dogs ear infection. One of the causes of ear infection is mostly an overgrowth of yeast in his ears. Do you know that tilting head is also one […]

Best Exercise for Dogs with Diabetes – Fun, Easy and Safe!

Have you ever seen your dog drinking excessive amount of water? Do you know that excessive consumption of water is one of the signs of diabetes in dogs? Yes, it is. Other symptoms of diabetes in dogs might include weight loss and lethargy. Also find the other reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak. […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Dementia in Dogs

If you see your dog displays some changes in his behavior, then he may be affected by some conditions. You can check the 10 dog behavior problems you should know. One of them is dementia. Dementia is a condition when the dog experiences disorder in his cognitive and it is associated with similar characteristics of […]

Heat Stroke in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Dogs, unlike humans, cannot get sweating when they get hot. Instead, they eliminate heat from their bodies by panting. When panting is not enough to eliminate heat from their bodies, their body temperature will be rising and as a result, they might experience heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal to dogs and shouldn’t be […]