8 Important Reasons Why Your Dog is Afraid to Go Outside

The reasons why your dog is afraid to go outside can happen anytime. Even though it is contradictory, which dog is common loves to go outside, but some of them are afraid to go outside and even scared to go outside. For so many years, there are so much research that explains the reasons why […]

8 Symptoms of Dog Eating Chocolate Need To be Aware!

Symptoms of dogs eating chocolate may get vary depending on how much dogs get chocolate poisoning. The amount of chocolate they ate will affect the dog’s health in common. Many years ago, people believe that do could get easily poisoned by chocolate. So much research says that it depends on the amount of chocolate they […]

Important Notice: Vaccines for your Dog Needs

Vaccine is an essential thing needed for your dogs as it helps prevent many illnesses your dog might get. Vaccinating your dog has been one of the easiest ways to help him live long and healthy life. There are different vaccines for different diseases as well as different types and combinations of vaccines. Your vet […]

9 Practical Steps on How to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

Have you ever smelled your dog’s breath? Does it stink? As an owner, you need to make sure that you try your best to take care of your dog’s health, including his oral hygiene. Brushing his teeth regularly is one of the ways to maintain his oral hygiene. Do you know that it is estimated […]

Best Ways to Take Care of Abandoned Newborn Puppies

When a mother dog dies or rejects her newborn puppies, then the puppies may find it hard to survive. You may feel pity on the puppies and assume the role of the mother dog to save them. Though it is not easy to take care of the abandoned newborn puppies, it doesn’t mean that it […]

Best Tips on Handling Picky Eater Dogs

Dogs may have different appearance, weight and personality, but all of them love food. However, not all dogs have consistent and hearty appetite. Some dogs are happy to eat everything you put in front of them, however, some dogs are picky eaters. It may be frustrating for dog parents to deal with those. Although picky […]

The Best Ways to Prevent Fungal Infections in Dogs

Fungal infections in dogs are less common than bacterial or viral infection. However, fungal infection is as serious as bacterial infections in dogs. Fungal infections in dogs occur because of the contact with other animals, from the environment, or a result of the overgrowth of fungi or yeast that are naturally present in and on […]

Common Symptoms of Anorexia in Cats

Anorexia refers to a condition when a cat loses his appetite or does not want to eat or is unable to eat. Appetite is dependent on memory and association, as compared with hunger, which is aroused physiologically by the need for food. There are two types of anorexia: pseudo-anorexia and true anorexia. Pseudo anorexia describes […]

Best Ways to Treat Constipation in Kittens

Constipation in cats is considered as one of the most common problems. It is usually mild, and you can simply treat it by using several home treatments. Constipation in kittens can indicate more serious health issues, and if it is left untreated, it would become very severe and uncomfortable. There is a certain condition that […]

Common Symptoms of Anorexia in Dogs You should be Aware of!

Anorexia is defined as a condition where the animal has a decrease or loss of appetite for food. When the hunger is physically driven, then the appetite will also be mentally driven. Anorexia could be a serious problem as it may indicate potentially life-threatening underlying conditions. One of the effects of anorexia is weight loss. […]