6 Symptoms Of Menstruation In Female Dog That You Need To Know

Have you ever think that female dog is also can menstruation like girl too? Well the fact that have you to know is some animal also menstruation too, including your female dog. This menstruation is new period for female dog and as like people, there are some behaviors that sign us about the changed. Here will explain to you 6 symptoms of menstruation in female dog that you need to know.

When the female dog is getting menstruation?

Basically, female dog menstruation period is also depend on their race. The small race dog like chihuahua and poodle will menstruation firstly on 5-6 months old. In medium race like husky and harrier on 7-8 months old, and for big race like great dane and rottweiler on 9-10 months old. The menstruation is taking for 9 days. This period of menstruation is taking around 21 days.

How we know that our female dog is in menstruation?

The main of indication to know your female dog is in menstruation is of course by look of her vagina. But don’t think that the blood is like on human, the blood of female dog when she is menstruation is almost unseen if we look by our eyes. To make sure about it, you can swipe a tissue into her vagina. Look on the tissue. If on that tissue marked red slide, that mean your female dog is in menstruation but if the color is yellowish or chocolate it means that your female dog is in pre-menstruation. But their behaviors are also learned to. Here is the explanation.

  • Mood swing

Same as human, on menstruation period female dog is also feel mood swing. She is angry and become aggressive easily. It will bite you when you try feed her. This is suddenly happen. It doesn’t mean your female dog is identifying you as enemy but it purely out of their hormone. Don’t get wrong about it.

  • Nipple swell

If you look over your female dog when she is lay down on the floor and show her stomach, you will see her nipple is swell. That’s so easy to take of your attention because it’s so striking. When your female dog is like that, get ready to her menstruation period.

  • Low bon appetite

This is the easiest symptom which you can observe. This behavior is suddenly happen like mood swing and there is no any cause that triggered her. Don’t get wrong with this situation. You may think that your female dog is sick. But if your dog is sick suddenly and not showing any indicator of disease like fever or else, that means that your female dog is in menstruation period.

  • Tuck the tail

May be you think how female dog is tucked their tail? Well, when female dog is tucking her tail, it isn’t like you think like the dog will get slipped because of her tail. That’s nope! The meaning of tuck the tail is when your female dog walking, the tail is get down and placed in between her foot. It’s like she tries to cover her ass and become so careful and sensitive.

  • Before the female dog is in heat, their behavior is interesting for male dog

Well menstruation in female dog is also mean as heat period. As like human, menstruation is also sign that individual is ready to pregnant. It means that all of our cells inside of our body is all active and can provide for new individual. This hormone move caused by menstruation and pre-menstruation are also indicated by their behavior. Have you ever takes your female dog for jogging in the park and suddenly your dog is followed by other dog? Well that’s maybe your female dog is in pre-menstruation period. Be careful. Your dog is getting started to entering menstruation period. Why is it can happen? The smell from your dog’s vagina is smelled by them. The smell even took from 1 kilometer. That’s why the male dog following your female dog. Because it triggered of male dog attention, it is important for you keep your dog safe. You better took your dog on bag pet to carry her. Don’t put rope necklace and let her walking beside you because it triggered male dog to ambush your dog. And also, don’t let your female dog out of your house easily. It is too dangerous for your female house to get self away. Once again, in menstruation period, male dog become predator when meet female dog which catch his attention a lot and highly easy to approving.

  • Usually act like one special position

This position is usually act with the back is stretched and her tail is lifted in only one direction. This position is different with each other dog, but the main thing is this special position is triggered of male dog attention. This behavior is usually shown when the female dog is in second menstruation. Basically female dog can menstruation for twice in a year. So the period is so long and surely longing way. On this second menstruation the female dog is more ready to pregnant, that’s why between first and second menstruation, there are differences behavior that showed by your female dog. Why first menstruation is like meaningless for female dog? Well maybe your female dog is not realized that she is menstruation. As we know that menstruation means that we are in transition mode from child to adult. By this position, we are also loosing of our control and act like nameless. So that’s main thing of this process to take the meaning of ready to get provide a new individual. And the feeling of ready is in second menstruation.

All of creature’s behavior has some meanings. And unusual behavior is also symbolizing some meanings, including female dog. Female dog has special behavior. As the owner, we have to sense about this symptom. In order to avoiding wrong perception, we have to know and analyzing all of our pet behavior accurately. Even though the information can access by internet and now vet can met easily, it is more effective is we now about it early. It is also safe our money and can treating our pet by our self. The high of number malpractices in vet is scared fact for owner pet. So to take care of your pet by your self is getting started from here. By the information above, we can learn about knowing symptoms in female dog that we need to know. Even not expert, this general knowledge will useful for us.Same like heat period, menstruation period of dog is also natural. We don’t need to worry or get wrong about it. Just take it easy and don’t too sensitive about it. All female dogs are menstruation. So if you have female dog on your home, all information above will really useful for you. and that’s about the explanation, hopefully it will helps you a lot to take care of your menstruation female dog.