9 Warning Signs Your Dog Has Food Allergies

Did you know that allergy can also attack to your dog? Or maybe your dog is in allergy now but you didn’t realize it? Well some dogs are has allergy to some foods. Your dog food can trigger the allergies. Do you want to know about it? So let’s jump into the information!

What is allergy?

Allergy is body respond toward some stimuli. The stimuli is from food, weather, drugs, bacteria, and many more. And the respond of the allergy are also different for any individual, like itchy, fever, something which out of their skin, and etc. But in this information we will specifically said about food allergy in your dog.

Why your dog can had an allergy over his food?

Basically there are so many food substances inside of your dog food. We can’t assume that one of them is the stimuli of allergy because we can judge it by one case. Your dog is also can had one or more stimuli of food substances which can make it allergy. But, from many research food substances, there are some stimuli which triggered allergy reaction are beef, dairy products, chicken, lamb, fish, chicken eggs, corn, wheat, and soybeans.

How the difference between allergy dog by food and by other?

The simple thing to observe this differences are pay attention to your dog, are there some symptoms of allergy which appeared on your dog after eat his food? Is it any changes? Not every dog appeared his allergy directly after eating. Your dog is also can has allergy even you never change its food. So it depend your dog development. And this observe is not for two or three weeks. You have to keep observe your dog when the transition of weather to compares his respond over the weather. This method is to know is your dog also allergy with weather and not food?

What warning signs that indicating your dog has food allergy?

The whole information that explained below are emergency signs of allergy. You better take your dog in vet as soon as possible if you see your dog as this position below. Let’s jump to it:

  • Inflamed lips

This symptom is usually appeared directly and as the most surely symptom of dog allergy. This inflame usually placed in above of dog lips. It is like red spots that cluster around the nostrils of your dog.

  • Ear irritation

When you see your dog is scratching his ear too much moreover after eating his food, you better cautions. Don’t underestimate its itchy because it can be the symptom of allergy. This itchy is usually including fungus release on his ear area. The first aid you can do in this position is swiped his ear with otik solution. You can make your otik solution by yourself with 50:50 mineral water and apple vinegar. You can bring your dog to vet if it isn’t work. Also, you have to change his food quickly.

  • Nail color changes

This sign is the easiest thing that you can see when you want to know your dog is allergy or not. This is so simple because you don’t need any tools to testing about allergy of your dog. Basically some dog has white nail color like breed white bully, dalmatian, boxer, bulldog, and spaniel. If you see his white nail changing into red or brown tone color, that is allergy indicated. Your dog is maybe licked his foot so much or even bite it. That’s his simple respond over immune inflammation. To solve it you can swipe his nail using cotton ball which has added by witch hazel.

  • Skin color changes

This is also the easiest thing observed when your dog had an allergy. Usually his skin is tuning into red or pink skin tone. This caused by colonization activity inside of his body. Not only skin, his lips, nail, ad foot is getting red and followed by hard-itchy.

  • Tearing

When your dog feels itchy in all of whole body he also scratching his eyes area. That scratch caused his eyes is tearing and followed with dirt roll. We know that dog is never using foot protection, so when he walks his food is face with land directly. This particle land is leave in his eye when he is scratching over his eyes. That leaving-particle called dirt roll. This dirt roll can cover his tears channel. So it caused your dog tearing with so many when he allergy.

  • Barfing

The allergies dog suddenly barf after he eats the food. Well this is multi meaning because your dog is also barf even not allergy. When your dog barf, maybe he eats something that accidently ingested. The most different in this symptom is ‘after eating’. This sign become true if you just change his food and he barfs suddenly.

  • Indigestion

The allergies dog will commonly indigestion like barf and burp. Diarrhea and loss weight will become endangered symptom if you didn’t handle it quickly.

  • Flatulence

Well flatulence in allergies dog is as respond of metabolism. The food will provide gas inside of his stomach. That gas will out of his body as respond to reduce the injury on his body caused by body respond toward the allergy.

  • Respiratory problem

This sign is also can caused as allergy. Even though respiratory problem can caused by other disease, some of dog showed respiratory problem after consume his food, so that can assume as sign of allergy.

Preventive action

Preventive action in here means that you as owner face to option to cure your dog after healing the allergy signs. The vet usually suggest for diet food to your dog and also avoiding the stimuli of his allergy. But if we talk about the food that consume by your dog, we automatically said about much food ingredients that include on your dog-food, besides we don’t know your dog has one or more stimuli food allergy? So it’s clearly important for you to do testing food over your dog to know what else stimuli that endangered your dog. You can give your dog different food for while time to see the reaction. Some vets suggest for 3 weeks to testing your dog-food allergy. But the recently research you need 12 weeks to testing food over your dog. This method is to know the reaction which is need to appeared over your dog.

After you know all of food stimuli allergy, you will face on two option, you still want to give your dog food which sell out there or you want to feed him with food which prepared by yourself? If you choose to feed your dog with food which prepared by yourself you must to ready to ‘challenge’ your dog with variative food. You also play with the food preparing and also must to ready for tired and don’t give up to try variative menu for your dog.

That’s all information about 9 warning signs your dog has food allergies. With this information, we as owner have to be more careful of our dog and understand with all symptoms that appeared.