How to manage your dog’s skin allergies

Literally skin allergy is general case over dog. The major cause of allergy is fleas , contact allergies, and also food allergies. The signs are usually appears is itchy, ear irritation, scratching, and redness area over his month. Bacterial infections can also as caused of this case. As the owner, it is important for you to manage your dog’s skin allergies in order to avoiding the allergies is not infections you. Before we manage the dog, we have to manage the external factor first. As said before that the allergy also caused by flea, contact allergies, and food allergies. Flea and contact allergies can managed by clean up or using something for solve it. But for food allergy, will had different step of manage. We will explain the environment management first before we talk about the food allergy management. Here is the way.

Environment management

  • Separate the infected allergies dog from non-infected dog

All you need to do before managing your dog or the environment is separate the infected one. As we said before that allergy can also by infection. To avoiding the allergy transmission, you have to separate the infected one. This is also makes you easier to manage and treat the dog. You can put him in the different cage or put him in different chamber if you unusual to using cage over your dog. You must be careful when you treat your allergies dog because it is also can infected you either. Put a mask and gloves to lifting your dog or when you feed him.

If you have a baby in your home but your dog is in allergy, you better separate your baby over the dog. As we know that baby is really easy for infected. So for as preventive action, you must separate you allergies dog from your baby. Besides, you have to careful when you clean the poop. A sick creature has opportunity transmission their disease by its poop. Not only poop but barf, pee, snot, and tears which as general symptom of allergy are also danger too when you treat your allergies dog without using personal protective equipment. To avoiding you of infection, you must careful and don’t forget to using personal protective equipment.

  • Cleaning the environment

There are so many caused over dog allergies. One of them is by fleas. The fleas develop on your home unconsciously. For you the owner who unusual to using a cage for your dog and prefer let our dog free inside your house, you must put your attention in here. The fleas can reduce by using dehumidifier. You can also put the active charcoal in the topsoil in plants pots. Dust and pollen can be reduced by turning on an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter. Besides, AC is can also reduce the number of the allergies trigger in the air. Setting your AC as cooler mode can helps your dog feel comfort to the rest. When your allergies dog feels so itchy they will focus to scratching his body. You better make him comfortable with give your dog cool environment do increase its feel comfort. This feel comfort will give the relax sensation over your dog.

Food management

  • Give them new protein

The allergy can develop by the infection. If your vet suggests you to diet over your dog, you better know the explanation here. Mostly vet will suggest to diet hypoallergenic over allergies dog. The main of hypoallergenic is giving your dog the new protein and carbohydrate which never ate by your dog before. In this diet, new source that you can giving to your allergies dog is venison, eggs, duck meat, kangaroos, and some types of fish that are not usually contained in pet food. The source of carbohydrate is potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin can. You can prepare it by yourself, but if you too busy and don’t have any time to prepare it you can bought new food dog which allergic friendly. The allergic friendly food dog can you buy in vet or mall. Choose the food dog which not contained the trigger of allergy. Some trigger allergy is chicken meat, corn, and grain. Avoid the ingredients as mention before if you want to reduce the allergy.

  • Change the food

The ingredient of dog food is usually contained trigger allergy. The most trigger ingredients are chicken meat, corn, and grain. Stop to give that food if your dog showed the symptom of allergy. Change the food with dog allergy food which not contained the trigger of the allergy. Keep remind that change the food is not solve the allergies problem. It is just as alternatives food when your dog is allergy. Some worst allergy in dog forced the owner to self-preparing the food. You can give some menus for your dog but keep in mind to not give your dog the food which contained the allergy trigger.

Treatment management continuation

  • Give him medicine

Well this step is higher step than all steps before. Some people reject when asked to give their dog medicine. It caused by scared and worrying for wrong medicine treatment. This self-treatment increase the opportunity of failed if you don’t have experience before. You better consul it before with your vet if you are not sure with this method. Literally many medicines which sell out there, but it definitely for low allergies dog symptom. You still have to put your allergies dog into vet if the self-treatment is not working. The step one that you can do over your allergies dog is bath your allergies dog using shampoo medicine. The shampoo is containing the useful compounds to relief skin sores and inflammation. The medicine shampoo which suggested by vet is containing antimicrobial and antifungal compounds, as well as other ingredients that allow dogs to be bathed more often without making their skin dry. Beside the medicine shampoo, you are also can give your allergies dog antihistamines medicine.

You have to be careful when you give it to your dog. This medicine has different effect to the dog. For some allergies dog, this medicine can reduce the allergy symptom well. But for other dog, the effect is not too appeared. So you better use 3 different antihistamines which usual to give over the dog. The usual antihistamines which gives are hydroxyzine 2.2 mg/kg orally every 8 hours, diphenhydramine 2.0 mg/kg orally every 8 hours, Clemastine 0.005-0.1 mg/kg orally every 12 hours, and Chlorpheniramine 0.4-0.8 mg/kg orally every 8 hours (maximum dose of 8 mg). Predisolone and methylpredisolone may also be given to treat severe skin lesions, each dose of 0.5 mg/kg one or two time a day until recovered. The using of antihistamines feels to try because the effect is significant with low price.

To treat allergies dog, we as owner have to totality. We have to treat them well till healed. It may take our time, our money, and our energy. Just enjoy the process and be patient. If our dog is healthy, we will be happy.