4 Home Remedies To Relief Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Have you put your dog to vet just for cure the itchy skin? Well you are not alone. Mostly in USA, this is become often causes of some owners bring their dog over the vet. But did you know that there are some home remedies to relief your dog’s itchy skin. This would press the cost you must pay if you bring up your dog in vet. But also you can do it by yourself so it more trusted when your dog treated by other.

Get to know the triggered

There are some triggered which caused itchy skin in dog like allergy, ectoparasite infection, fungal infection, hormonal problems, and etc. Why this point is so important? Because the cure is depend of the triggered. We can’t make the same for all of the causes. For example you give the anti-fungal medicine over your allergies dog. It is not solve the problem, right? So it is important for you to know the triggered first then pick the right medicine. You better observe your race of dog during find the cause. Some of dogs are high-opportunity to infected allergies caused itchy. Do the small research about health condition which more possible that happened to your dog. You may got the hint about what is disturbing him.

The home remedies

  • Bath them

Bath is the effective way to reduce the itchy feel over your dog. This way is basically do without identifying the cause of itchy before. This step can uses for allergenic, bacteria, fleas, or even hormonal causes. Don’t worry its skin become dry as long as you using the smooth shampoo which designs for your dog. You have to know some benefits when you using the shampoo to your itchy skin dog. Hair follicles are not blocked because dust, oil, and other dirt are cleaned. Fungi and bacteria the surface of dog skin (which caused of itchy) will reduce. The using of shampoo can lost potential allergies dog hair. Also, help to moisturizing your dog skin and definitely your skin dog getting healthier. You can bath your dog as common as you can, but if his itchy seems like worst, you can bath him one or two times a week. You better comb or brush the fur before bath him because wet hair will be easier to swallow. Use the dog shampoo which design to reacted over its skin PH. Find the product which smooth your hair dog and also use the conditioner oatmeal basic to moisturizing the skin effectively. Massage the shampoo soak into the skin about 10 minutes and also make sure the foam touches the skin. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry the dog with a towel.

  • Follow the diet elimination instruction if your itchy dog is caused by allergy

If you assume that your dog is allergy toward one ingredient which contained on his food, you must find the information about the trigger allergy. Do the diet allergenic around 8-12 weeks. Your vet may be suggests this diet. Make sure you don’t feed your dog except feed them the food which as determined before, including your snacks and leftovers. After 8-12 weeks, look over your dog development condition. Be careful when you feed them with food which caused the allergy. After you find the source allergy, give it back to your dog to proving and confirming the allergy. After that, choose the right food to your allergies dog. You can buy the allergenic friendly food dog or prepare the food dog by yourself.

  • Clean up the environment if your itchy dog is caused by infected

Some dogs are allergic to grass, dust or pollen. After the cause is confirmed by vet that the allergen is the environment, separate your dog from the allergen. For example if your dog is allergy with dust, clean up your environment using vacuum cleaner. Make sure you clean the doormat, curtains, and cloth furniture at home at least twice a week. You also have to wash the dog bed once a week. If your dog is allergy with grass, you can use the t-shirt to your dog when you take him outside the house. If your dog is allergy with pollen or substances in the air, your vet maybe gives the anti-allergy injection to your dog. The easiest way to protecting your dog which allergy with pollen or substances in the air is separate him from the allergen. You also take the active charcoal in your home to reduce the air which containing the allergen.

  • Give the medicine

Well some medicine needs for vet permission. But if your itchy dog is not over worst, you can give it by yourself. You can give antihistamine to reduce the itchy feel over your dog. The antihistamine is so generally using for reducing the itchy on dog. But before you give that medicine to your dog, you have to know that this medicine is not working. There is not antihistamine which has permission to give that medicine for small animal. So the application toward the dog actually is not suggested. This medicine is not always worked. From some research, antihistamine helps less than 30% the itchy dog caused by environment allergy. The best way of using this medicine is as preventive action for some allergies dog. This medicine also must combining with other therapy. You better discussion this using medicine with your vet. If you want to try antihistamine, you better ask your vet first especially if you have dog with is undergoing another therapy or had a chronic disease. If you decided to give antihistamine to you dog make sure the dose and the formula is right and safe.

Don’t use the medicine with long time or more of one dose without specifically instruction by your vet. Some suggest of antihistamine are diphenhydramine 1 mg two times a day, chlorpheniramine for the dog less than 20 kg weight 4 mg three times a day, chlorpheniramine for the dog more than 20 kg 8 mg three times a day, fexofenadine (allegra) 1 mg/a half kg of the weight, 1-2 times a day. You must be carefully before give the medicine to your dog. Read the label when you buy free antihistamine. Make sure the active ingredients and non-active ingredients because mostly this medicine is combined with other medicine or other flavoring which usually endangered for your dog. Some general ingredients which have you avoided are acetaminophen, aspirin, caffeine, codeine, dextromethorphan, ephedrine, hydrocodone, phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrine, and xylitol. If you are not sure with the safety of one ingredient for your dog, you better consul with your vet or visit the center for handing poisoning in animals before giving medicine.

Home remedies above helps you to treat your itchy dog. Now you don’t need dizzy when your dog is itchy. You can imagine if your dog is need for help on the midnight. Which one vet that still open in this time? To relief your dog as soon as possible as emergency situation, like or dislike ready and unready you must treat your dog at this time. You also can imagine if in this emergency situation you don’t have knowledge to relief your dog. With all information above you can give your itchy dog relief in your own home.