The Top 4 Diseases of Betta Fish Commonly Have

Betta fish are recently gaining their fame with their beauty. They are considered as one of the most beautiful freshwater species of fish and the most wonderful pets for beginners. If you are interested to keep betta fish at home, you should be ready to prepare a large tank and maintain high quality of water. […]

All the Nutrients Your Fish will Need to Stay Healthy

Fish need nutritious food just like us humans and other animals, too. Unfortunately, most fish owners or parents are not paying attention to the label in the fish food container. As a result, they might not provide enough and appropriate nutrients for their fish. As fish parents, you need to know what exactly you feed […]

Why does My Aquarium have Foamy Water?

Taking care of aquarium is not an easy job. There are many problems commonly appear in the aquarium. One of which is foamy or cloudy water. If you have ever seen a foam floating on top of your aquarium water, then you might think where the foam comes from. Foam on aquarium water can be […]

The 6 Most Expensive Freshwater Fishes in the World

Do you know the most expensive fish in the world? The most expensive fish ever sold in the world was a Bluefin Tuna. It was sold in January for around $ 3 million in Tokyo. However, this fish species is sold in the food industry. There are some other freshwater fishes that will surely be […]

5 Popular Koi Fish Types You Might Want to Adopt

Koi fish are notably famous for being smart. They can even be trained to eat from your hand. That’s why for most fish parents, koi fish are the most common fish types kept in aquarium. They are also noticeable for having numerous varieties based on the color, scales and patterns as well. You might realize […]

6 Ways to Tell if your Guppies are Pregnant

Guppy is one of the most interesting fish you can keep at home in your aquarium That’s why it is considered as one of the best freshwater fish to put in your fish tank. Guppy is one of the fish species that does internal fertilization. The male guppies are just in charge of fertilizing the […]

Reasons Why Your Fish is Floating in Fish Tank and How to Solve Them

Fish have various behavior to be observed and some of them reveal some signs or symptoms of those fish. Those types of behavior can imply the condition of happy, stressed or sick fish. You can learn the signs your fish is happy in their new tank and symptoms that tell your fish is sick. Have […]

Common Diseases of Fish Can Have You Should Aware

Seeing your fish getting sick is not fun. Keeping a fish as a pet is not an easy job, but it is not that hard though. Maintaining its health and happiness is your job as its owner. Once it is not happy with its surrounding, it will get stressed. Most fish diseases and illnesses are […]

Possible Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Losing Their Color and How to Solve It

Have you experienced your betta fish losing their color or turning white? They can turn white, black or just fading. The normal or common color of betta fish can be red, orange, yellow, blue, green and any other colors that are colorful. However, if your fish is losing the color, then you might start thinking […]

Do these Tips on How to Keep Your Fish Healthy

Every pet owner wants his or her pet to be healthy and happy for sure. Who loves to see their pets getting sick and unhappy? Providing everything that your pet needs might be one of the ways of keeping your fish healthy. Food, oxygen and all the things essential for the fish to stay alive […]