6 Potential Causes of Goldfish Turning White

Do you notice that your goldfish turns white? Is it something to worry about? Seeing your goldfish turning white may be an alarm, however, it is not always an immediate cause for concern. Some of you may think that goldfish is naturally gold coloured in the wild, however, most of them are not. Thus, colour […]

7 Common Causes of Betta Fish Laying at the Bottom of the Tank

Most of the owners start to get panicked once they see their betta fish laying at the bottom of the tank. They think that there is something wrong with their fish. However, there are some causes why betta fish are laying at the bottom of the tank. Some reasons are harmless and common, whole some […]

Most Common Causes of Stress in Fish

Can fish experience stress? The answer is yes. Similar to humans and other animals, fish can also experience stress. Stress in fish is a condition in which they cannot maintain a normal physiologic state. It is caused by a lot of factors. You can also check the signs of your fish pet is stress. Just […]

6 Explained Causes of Sudden Goldfish Death

Before you decide to have goldfish as pet at home, make sure you know that goldfish have a reputation for having short life and dying easily. There are some conditions that will bring a perfectly healthy goldfish to death overnight. So, if you wish to have goldfish as pet at home, make sure you can […]

Here’s the Causes of Betta Fish don’t Want to Eat

There is nothing making you worried than seeing your betta fish is not eating. Though in most of the cases it is not something that is really serious, but it doesn’t mean that it is not serious. There are some reasons why your betta fish does not want to eat. As a fish parent, you […]

Let’s Observe these 6 Best Aquarium Fish to Pet at Home

Keeping fish in an aquarium is a fun thing, yet beneficial for our health too. It is believed to be helpful to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Doesn’t it make you feel happy and relaxed while you’re looking at the colorful and unique species of fish right in front of you? If you plan […]

Get Ready to Meet these 7 Largest Freshwater Fish in the World

The ocean is home for many amazing sea creatures, specifically fish. Get to know these largest creatures in the ocean too! However, it is not the only place where we can find fish. Some hidden beneath the murky waters of the freshwater rivers and lakes are also homes for some huge fish. Most freshwater fish […]

How to Tell If Your Betta Fish is Male or Female

Do you know the way to determine the gender of betta fish? You might think that it will be hard to differentiate the gender of betta fish as all betta fish have the same general appearance. However, it is quite easy. Female and male betta fish have distinctive in their appearance and behavior as well. […]

6 Common Fish Diseases and Their Symptoms

If you are fond of keeping fish as your pets, then you will know that your fish are exposed easily to hundreds of bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Take a closer look at these common diseases of fish can have. Life in aquarium is not as easy as it seems to be. Those infections will […]

7 Common Signs Your Goldfish is Stressed

Do you know that your goldfish can experience stress just like you do? If you’re stressed because of too much load of work or something is not going as you expect, fish experience stress due to different reasons. Read more about reasons why your fish get stressed and how to overcome it. There are some […]