5 Plants Not to Put in Your Fish Tank and Why

Keeping fish as a pet can be very exciting, especially when you prepare everything for your fish tank. You may want to make your fish tank as beautiful as you can by putting some decorations, either the natural or the artificial ones. Putting plants in your fish tank is a good idea because it has […]

Top 8 Aquatic Plants for Your Fish Tank and How They are Beneficial

Are you planning to have a fish as a pet? Then you need to prepare some things before, such as the fish and fish tank or aquarium. Designing and providing aquarium or fish tank as your fish’s artificial habitat is a good idea and because of that you need to make sure that your fish […]

8 Gigantic Freshwater Fishes

Yes, whales are indeed the biggest fish of them all, but what comes second after whales? It turns out that the next biggest fishes can be found in ponds, rivers and also lakes. One distinct difference between freshwater and ocean fishes is the salinity of the water itself. Seawater fishes can withstand a high amount […]

Salmon’s Migration: A Long Journey

There are reasons why animals migrate. One of the reasons are to avoid winter and for reproduction, and this is one of the reasons why migration of birds happens. Do the birds migratory happen to all species of the birds? Another animal that migrates is salmon. This migration becomes an animal culture. Speaking of animal […]

Origin, Habitat, and Characteristics of Arapaima Gigas

Arapaima gigas (pirarucu), also called rapaima or paiche by the locals. It is a massive yet smooth, streamlined freshwater fish that is deemed native to the streams of the Amazon River basin. Arapaima gigas can inhale air, permitting the fish to make it in pools with low water levels or rotting vegetation. During the most […]

7 Ways on How to Breed Freshwater Shrimp at Home

Talking about seafood, you’ll definitely be thinking on how delicious these dishes are. For sure there are also a lot of marine creatures that can be consumed besides fish, shrimp for example. The type of shrimp that we are going to discuss is freshwater shrimp. Freshwater shrimp is a type of shrimp which lives in […]

10 Types of Freshwater Lobster that You Need to Know

Lobster is one of the most consumed marine animal, besides its savory with soft texture meat turns out it contain some nutrition that is useful for our body. Here are some lobster benefits that is good for your body : Multivitamins One of its benefits is to fulfill our body vitamin needs. That is why […]

8 Ways on How to Breed your Freshwater Lobster

Talking about sea animals, one of the most met animals in restaurant is lobster. Besides lobster, crabs also has a quiet high selling price which you can read on : How To Profit From Breeding Mangrove Crabs or Introduction To Breeding Mangrove Crabs. Lobster may look like a shrimp in shape but lobster actually bigger and […]

8 Ways on How to Differentiate Male and Female Eel

There are a lot of sea animal that we know, even some snakes live on sea. Besides fish, shrimp, fish, lobster and others, there is also eel. Yeah, you might know this animal who live in water which look like snake. For a glance it might look like a snake for its long and quick […]

8 Ways to Healthily Feed Your Betta Fishes

Aside from birds, rabbits, dogs, and hamsters- fishes have grown into an increasingly popular choice for house pets. Some families dream of having a beautiful aquarium installed in their living spaces, filled with the fishes they’ve raised on their own – while some stay modest and keep their fishes in a small glass container with […]