6 Best Ways to Lower Ammonia Level in Fish Tank

Ammonia is extremely toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. The safe level of ammonia is 0 parts per million (ppm). A concentration of 2 ppm can cause fish to die in your tank. No wonder, a high level of ammonia in a fish tank is one of the top causes of sudden goldfish death […]

7 Types Freshwater Fishes in Australia

Australia may be the smallest continent in the world, but it is home to a wide variety of animals. You can find some animals to see in Australia. Some animals are even endangered, just like being elaborated in endangered animals in Australia. Freshwater fish in Australia consists of 300 native species and is the smallest […]

Top 6 Most Popular Saltwater Fish for your Fish Tank

There are over 20,000 species of fish in the sea out there. However, more than 2,000 of these fish species can be put into your aquarium as your pets at home. You might think that you only can keep these freshwater fish that are perfect for your fish tank, however, you can also keep saltwater […]

7 Freshwater Fish that are Perfect for your Fish Tank

Keeping a fish tank at home is beneficial for your health, such as reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Freshwater tank is considered easier to maintain than saltwater tanks. Freshwater fishes have their own beautiful features too. If you are a freshwater fish tank owner, then this article is perfect for you. You can also […]

8 Symptoms of High pH in Fish Tank Need to be Aware of!

Have a fish tank? Then you need to give more concern to some of the common fish tank problems, such as the pH balance of the water. Why is it matter? Because your fish tank life depends on it. Fish tanks need a balanced level of pH water between 6 to 8. It shouldn’t have […]

8 Important Symptoms of Ammonia Poisoning in Fish

Have you ever heard about ammonia poisoning in fish? Ammonia poisoning in fish is a condition in your fish tank in which the ideal water doesn’t meet the actual level. Commonly it can detect some symptoms that you can read easily as the common fish tank problem. There are some symptoms of ammonia poisoning in […]

8 Reasons Why Are Fish Swimming at Top of Tank

Have you ever wondered the reason why are fish swimming at the top of the tank? Is there any meaning behind their behavior? Is there a sign that warns us to clean the water of the tank? We might think that the water around the surface of the tank can’t be clear or clean at […]

Be Aware of these 11 Common Symptoms of High Nitrates in Fish Tank

Keeping fish in a fish tank is both fun and challenging. It is fun because we can see how the fish interact and swim around the fish tank. It’s challenging because there might be some problems occur. As a fish keeper or owner, make sure you are familiar with these common fish tank problems. One […]

Important Notice! Symptoms of Lack of Oxygen in Fish Tank

It is rare for a well-maintained fish tank to have low oxygen level. However, it could be really devastating when it happens. There are several factors leading to low oxygen level in fish tank, such as overstock, poor-maintained fish tank, excess waste in the fish tank, low level of lighting for plants, improper use of […]

Common Fish Tank Parasites you Need to Concern about

Keeping aquarium fish takes a lot of attention and time. If you wish to have some fish at home, you can consider these best aquarium fish to pet at home. It may be challenging to distinguish the normal and abnormal fish. Parasites are commonly found in fish tank, however, you need to be aware of […]