6 Common Signs of Aging Guinea Pigs that Need Concern

Guinea pigs are cute animals to pet at home. These small animals are active most of the time. All the pet owners must want to have their guinea pigs to stay active and healthy for their whole life. However, in over time, your guinea pig may be getting lethargic and start sleeping a lot. These […]

Be Aware of these 7 Signs of Hamster Hibernation

Having a pet hamster at home requires you to be knowledgeable of its natural habit. That means you have to know when your pet hamster is about to hibernate and its signs. Some breeds of hamsters are not suited for the cold and may end up dying when they go into hibernation. If you wish […]

How to Treat Mites in Guinea Pig?

Just like other types of rodents, guinea pigs are also at risk of getting mites and lice. However, there are some quick and comfortable ways of treating them. The best way to treat mice and lice in guinea pigs is going to the vet. Your vet will be able to examine the symptoms and decide […]

Let’s Find Out the Reasons Hamsters want to Escape

Hamsters are small creatures that are easy to escape. Keeping them in their cage can be really challenging. As an owner, you need to be aware of the reasons and ways to prevent your hamsters from escaping as they are safest when they are inside their cages. Let’s go deeper on each of the reasons […]

What Cause Hamsters to Eat Their Babies?

It may be a horrible situation to find out that your hamsters have eaten their babies. There are some causes in nature, though sometimes we don’t really understand it. Hamsters are known to be a very sensitive and in-tune with their offspring’s health, however, they can also do it as a response of stress. Get […]

11 Possible Reasons of Sudden Weight Loss in Guinea Pigs

Weight is a significant indicator which determine guinea pigs’ health. Losing weight can be a major concern for guinea pig parents. Many parents struggle very hard to find the causes why their guinea pig loses weight. When guinea pigs are born, their weight is around 100 grams. Then, they may reach their full weight within […]

Aware of these 4 Signs Your Guinea Pig is Sick

Taking care of a guinea pig is not as simple as you think. It needs a bit of work, however, if you succeed to keep your guinea pig healthy, then you will get many rewards in return. A guinea pig may not be as vocal as other animals when he is sick, so you will […]

5 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Guinea Pig

Hair loss in guinea pig can be serious and scary. If you’re lucky, you will notice some excessive shedding or obvious bald spots on your fur baby’s body. Diagnosing and treating hair loss in guinea pig are considered easy. However, there are some exceptions regarding to the hair loss in guinea pigs. Firstly, guinea pigs […]

7 Common Skin Diseases a Guinea Pig may Have

Guinea pig is a popular choice for pet lovers, as it is an easy mammal to care for. It does not require a lot of money for its maintenance. However, due to its low-maintenance, some people may take advantage of it with negligence and bad hygiene. As a result, the guinea pigs are exposed to […]

Beware of these 6 Signs of Dehydration in Hamsters

Do you notice that your hamster is ignoring its water bottle? Then, your hamster might get dehydration. Dehydration in hamster is simply defined as the loss of water from the hamster’s body. The hamster may lose a significant amount of water through its urine, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating and drooling. Also beware of these common diseases […]