4 Possible Reasons Hamsters Suddenly Die

Hamsters like all living beings can also face a sudden death. This is in fact very common amongst all hamster owners. As owners, it is important that you know the causes of these deaths as well as prevent it as much as possible. These animals are tiny and cute, they can also be called as […]

Fleas on Hamsters: How to Get Rid of them

Flea is a common problems faced by pets, including dogs, cats and even the cute small creature, hamster. There are some easy ways to get rid and prevent fleas on your pets. Hamsters are cute, small, fluffy and friendly animals that enjoy the company of other hamsters instead of us humans. They don’t take too […]

Highlight these 4 Hamster Breeds to Pet at Home

Are you planning to keep hamsters as pets at home? Then, you will need to be knowledgeable about the hamster breeds you can keep as pets at home. Not all breeds of hamsters are suitable to pet. In total, there are sixteen breeds of hamsters, but there are a few of them kept as pets. […]

Signs Hamster is Stressed and What You Should Do About It

Getting stressed is not only experienced by humans, but some animals experience stress too. One example is a fish. You can see reasons why your fish get stressed and how to overcome it. Another small animal, namely hamster, can also experience stress. It might look cute for you, but you never know what your hamster […]

The Causes of Plumbism on Gerbills

Gerbils or some people call them desert rats aren’t very popular pets. Compared with other pet such as hamster, cats or dogs, then gerbil might not as popular as them. Some people might not even know what is gerbil and only heard them once in their lifetime. It is pretty rare pet and some people […]

The Way to Detect Nervous System Disorders on Gerbills

If you are an animal lovers, you might have already heard and know about this animal, however if you are still amateur animal lovers, and don’t know much about animal, then you might don’t know about this animals at all. It is a gerbil. Well, it is quite unpopular animal in the world, and many […]

Doe Hamster Get Breeding Disorders?

Hamster is one of the small mammals that are quite popular choice of pets for many people all around the world. Hamster, alongside with its other cousin such as chinchilla, ground squirrel or sugar glider are popular for a people who want pet that are easy to take care of, won’t require much space, not […]

Sendai Virus; How Can Be Infected to Hamsters?

Hamster might not be a popular pet as dogs, not much cuter as a house pets like cats and you of course can’t train them to do trick. However, hamster is still one of the cheaper choice of pets, and easier pet to take care of compared to such a bigger pets like cats, dogs […]

The Types of Ear Infection on Gerbill

If you are an animal lovers, especially loves small animal such as hamster, ground squirrel, sugar glider or rabbits, then you might already heard about gerbil. Gerbil is a small animal, mammal animals that belong to the sub family of Gerbillinae from the order of Rodentia just like mice and hamster. Some people also called […]

3 Kinds of Dental Issues on Chinchillas

Chinchillas are super cute and adorable. We love them to be our little friend at home. Besides their cute faces, another noticeable features on chinchillas is their teeth, right? Well, it is obvious because their open-rooted teeth, which are common in rodents like degus or guinea pigs, keep on growing 2 to 3 inches per […]