Top 8 Animals that Practice Cannibalism You’ve Never Thought Before

Eating friends for dinner? Wow, that sounds really scary! However, for some animals, it is a common thing to eat their “friends”. That’s what we call cannibalism. Cannibalism is defined simply as the practice of eating another animal from the same species. Some of you may think that cannibalism is only done by carnivorous animals […]

5 Endangered Animal Species in Galapagos Islands We Need to Protect

Exploring an island always becomes an incredible and fascinating thing to do when you are travelling. Galapagos Islands are considered as the best tourist destination that are located around 600 miles from Ecuador that come in the form of volcanic islands. These islands are rich in unique species of plants and animals you can find […]

Meet The Smallest Lizard On Earth: Jaragua Gecko

Talking about reptile lizards, of course there are very many types ranging from the largest lizards to the smallest. but this time we will discuss about the small lizard called jaragua gecko. Animal have a fact live like snazzy facts of leopard geckos gather up. At first Richard Thomas and Blair Hedges found a small […]

4 Tips on How to Make Your Chameleon Feel Comfortable in its Cage

Making wild animals as pets at home is kind of challenging yet fun for some people. Wild animals that are commonly kept as pets at home are snakes, lizards, chameleon, or even crocodiles. These reptiles have their own fans! However, wild animals, such as chameleons, are exposed mostly to their natural environment. If you are […]

6 Most Dangerous Lizard in the World

Lizard is a type of reptile that is very much in the world. Researchers have found about 40 types of lizards scattered in the world. However, despite their sinister appearance, some of them can be exotic pets. Of course, not all of them can be pets, because some of them should be watched out and […]

7 List of World’s Lizard Species

Lizards are one of the reptilian animals that generally have scales and quadrupeds. However, there are some lizards that don’t have legs and tend to resemble snakes. They appear to have oily scales, but actually their skin is dry because they don’t have pores on their skin to produce oil. Well, lizards spread almost everywhere […]

3 Points of Differences Between Sumatran Tiger and Bengal Tiger

Tigers are one of the most famous wild and vicious animals in the world. Tiger is a carnivorous animal, feeding on meat. That is why the tiger is also said to be a predatory animal that is feared by either many other animals or humans as well. Until now, there are at least 5 species […]

You Should Watch Out of these 7 Innocent Looking Animals that are Deadly

Just like what people say, do not judge a book by its cover. This term also applies to the animals that we will be discussing today. These animals might look like calm and without any terrifying physical attributes. But as a matter of fact, these animals have hidden attributes and uniqueness that most people don’t […]

8 Bears You Can Find Around the World

Bear is one of the most famous and largest mammals in the world. Even bears can be found almost in all parts of the worldwide. Bears include ferocious predatory animals in the world. Therefore, this animal is feared by humans and even other animals. Well, until now there are several types of bears that are […]

8 Adorable Animals which You Can Find in Siberian Taiga

The Siberian Taiga, a vast forest locates in the northern regions of Russia.  The Siberian Taiga will be a very cold place at the most of year. It even becomes a very low temperature dropping to -80 F.  Meanwhile it will be a very hot place as the summer time with temperature going up to […]