Be Aware of these 11 Common Symptoms of High Nitrates in Fish Tank

Keeping fish in a fish tank is both fun and challenging. It is fun because we can see how the fish interact and swim around the fish tank. It’s challenging because there might be some problems occur. As a fish keeper or owner, make sure you are familiar with these common fish tank problems. One […]

Important Notice! Symptoms of Lack of Oxygen in Fish Tank

It is rare for a well-maintained fish tank to have low oxygen level. However, it could be really devastating when it happens. There are several factors leading to low oxygen level in fish tank, such as overstock, poor-maintained fish tank, excess waste in the fish tank, low level of lighting for plants, improper use of […]

5 Common Symptoms of Low pH in Fish Tank

Keeping fish as pet needs a lot of hard work and compassion. As an owner, you surely want to see your fish to be happy in the water tank. Keeping the pH level as close as possible to neutral is one of the ways to maintain the life quality of your fish. If the pH […]

6 Common Fish Diseases and Their Symptoms

If you are fond of keeping fish as your pets, then you will know that your fish are exposed easily to hundreds of bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Take a closer look at these common diseases of fish can have. Life in aquarium is not as easy as it seems to be. Those infections will […]

8 Signs of Your Fish Pet is Stress

When you’re looking at your aquarium, you might start thinking what the fish feel and if they feel happy or stressed. The fish swim around all day in a beautiful tank and get fed and cared by you. Everything seems to be perfect. However, have you ever wondered that fish can get stressed too? The […]

Reasons Why Your Fish is Floating in Fish Tank and How to Solve Them

Fish have various behavior to be observed and some of them reveal some signs or symptoms of those fish. Those types of behavior can imply the condition of happy, stressed or sick fish. You can learn the signs your fish is happy in their new tank and symptoms that tell your fish is sick. Have […]

Possible Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Losing Their Color and How to Solve It

Have you experienced your betta fish losing their color or turning white? They can turn white, black or just fading. The normal or common color of betta fish can be red, orange, yellow, blue, green and any other colors that are colorful. However, if your fish is losing the color, then you might start thinking […]

Here are the Signs Your Fish is Happy in Their New Tank

Keeping fish in a tank or aquarium is an exciting activity, both for the fish and the owner. Seeing your fish enjoy swimming in its tank is a very beautiful scenery. However, your fish might not feel comfortable in its fish tank or even get stressed. If you are curious on how to know whether […]

Watch Out These Symptoms that Tell Your Fish is Sick

Looking at the aquarium, seeing your fish is swimming all day, you might think that your fish is okay all the time. You may see that everything is okay and your fish is living its life peacefully without any problems. However, your fish may experience something wrong with its health. A problem that every fish […]

Get to Know the Reasons Why your Fish Get Stressed and How to Overcome it

When you are looking at your aquarium and your fish swimming so peacefully and enjoyably, then you might start thinking that your fish are living so peacefully. Who doesn’t feel peaceful and happy when they can swim all day in a beautiful aquarium and taken care by their owner? Life will be so good for […]