Types of Food that are Beneficial for Gaining Your Rabbit’s Weight

Do you agree that seeing our pets having a healthy and well-shaped body is a happiness? Rabbits are small animals, but it is a big no for them to be underweight. Rabbits have digestive systems that are effective to squeeze every last bit of nutrition out of their body. As a result, generally, a rabbit […]

7 Exercises You can Do with your Rabbit

Rabbits are known to be pets which are energetic. That’s why it is important to keep them exercising to release their energy and boredom as well. Exercising with pets has lots of benefits, such as relieving stress, keeping the body in shape, maintaining health and also creating happiness for both owners and pets. If you […]

You Should’ve Aware of These 7 Causes of Sudden Death in Healthy Rabbits

Rabbit is a cute animal that are perfect for being pet at home. But there is one problem that always looms over the owners, it’s called the sudden death in rabbits. The sad thing is, the sudden death in rabbits sometimes goes undetected because they look very healthy.  Rabbits are a type of animal that […]

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Rabbit that You Should Know Immediately

Heart disease in rabbits is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose because of their high heart rate. Normally, a rabbit’s heart rate is in the range of 30-60 minutes. But when they are resting, their heart rate can increase to 140-180 beats per minute.  The problem is, in rabbits who are stressed, their […]

7 Types of Food Your Rabbit Shouldn’t Eat and Why

Keeping an animal at home is a fun thing to do. One example of animal you can keep at home is rabbit. Due to its cuteness and ease of taking care of it make many people think of keeping it as a pet. However, you still need to pay attention to some details because you […]

8 Interesting Facts of the Cute Snowshoe Hare

You can’t deny scientific facts that rabbit’s cute, any rabbit, and the facts of the cute snowshoe hare is cute, too. In fact, you must have wanted to take care this wild rabbit as a pet as soon as you see them! Hares, although have slight differences than rabbits, is one family with rabbit. The […]

Can We Use Mascara to Comb our Rabbit’s Fluff?

There are many rabbit’s breeds you could pick as pet, such as cottontail rabbits, Beveren rabbits, Flemish Giant Rabbits, lionhead rabbits, Angora rabbit, and many others. But, note this, people, there are still wild rabbits out there that prefer nature as their home. Furthermore, as one of the most preferable pet on earth, there’s a […]

Scientific Facts about Why does Rabbit Created as the Cutest Animal

Whose here agree that rabbit is one of most the cutest pet animals on earth? I bet many of you, my dear friends has raised their hands; and yes, they were apparently (after cats and dogs). Who would deny it? Rabbit become one the most iconic animal of all time! There’s a lot of movies […]

Facial Nerve Paresis on Rabbits; Does It Will be the Dead Cause?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets and choices of pets by many people and pet lovers. This small animals are the best choice if you can’t withstand bigger animal such as cats or dogs as they are smaller than them and very cute too. One advantages of having a rabbits as your turtle […]

5 Causes of Loose Weight Drastically on Rabbit

Rabbit is one of the most interesting and one of the most popular pets to take care of. Rabbit, unlike other pet such as cats or dogs are quite differences in care, feeding, behaviour, and generally different way to take care of it. Rabbit is a Leporidae a small mammals from the order of Lagomorpha […]