10 Common Reasons Why Bunnies Die Suddenly

You must all feel happy while welcoming your pet bunnies home. However, most rabbits that seem to be perfectly healthy could die even for no apparent reason. There is always a cause of death, no matter how sudden it is. Bunnies are born in litters consisting of 1 to 14 babies. They start eating what […]

11 Possible Causes of Hair Loss in Rabbits

Hair loss in rabbits is one of the problem every rabbit parent may experience. Hair loss in rabbits is called alopecia. The hair loss may appear as small and bald spots on their body, or even larger areas of your rabbit’s coat that are missing hair. Your rabbit may also feel itchy and keep scratching, […]

Let’s Get to Know these Causes of Blood in Rabbit’s Urine

Both humans and animals pee, including rabbits. Just like humans, the color of rabbit’s urine determine their health. The rabbit’s urine may vary in color depending on the diet and hydration levels. Some urines may turn red and it may indicate that there is blood in it. When there is blood in a rabbit’s urine, […]

5 Common Causes of Rapid Weight Loss in Rabbits

Weight loss happening to any animals can be an indication of something bad, including rabbits. Rabbits are supposed to remain roughly the same weight throughout their adult years. If they suddenly lose weight, especially a very sudden and rapid weight loss, then you should start to get worried. There must be a problem with their […]

Be Mindful of these 13 Forbidden Foods for Rabbit to Eat

Rabbits have a specialized digestive system that is different with the other animals. This difference enables the rabbit’s ability to process fiber and nuttients that make it adaptable to many different environments. However, this unique digestive system should also be followed by extra attentions to the owners about what to feed and what not to […]

Ways on How to Treat Ringworm in Rabbits

Ringworm is not a type of worm, instead, it is one type of skin diseases. The disease is named ringworm due to the appearance of infected skin. This disease is caused by fungus. There are various types of fungus causing this to happen. One of which is Trichophyton metagrophytes. Another type of fungus causing ringworm […]

7 Signs Your Rabbit is Depressed You Need to Aware of

Rabbits are known as energetic and social animals. Rabbits are also cute and here are the scientific facts about why rabbit are created as the cutest animal. They are always full of energy and enthusiasm. They will hop up to you, play and toss around their favorite stuffs. However, sometimes, you might also notice that […]

Get Familiar with Heat Stroke in Rabbits

Along the hot weather, some animals might experience heat stroke. Pets, such as dogs, cats, and rabbits are also possible to get heat stroke. Heat stroke is very dangerous to pets, specifically rabbits. It is as dangerous as heat stroke in cats and heat stroke in dogs. Rabbit is more prone to get heat stroke […]

Types of Food that are Beneficial for Gaining Your Rabbit’s Weight

Do you agree that seeing our pets having a healthy and well-shaped body is a happiness? Rabbits are small animals, but it is a big no for them to be underweight. Rabbits have digestive systems that are effective to squeeze every last bit of nutrition out of their body. As a result, generally, a rabbit […]

7 Exercises You can Do with your Rabbit

Rabbits are known to be pets which are energetic. That’s why it is important to keep them exercising to release their energy and boredom as well. Exercising with pets has lots of benefits, such as relieving stress, keeping the body in shape, maintaining health and also creating happiness for both owners and pets. If you […]