6 Important Guides to Starting Meat Goat Farming

Are you interested to start goat farming? What kind of product of goat you want to choose? Usually, there are dairy goat farming to produce goat milk and meat goat farming to provide goat meat. It is up to your intention. In this article, we will talk more on meat goat farming. There is much consideration that you need to prepare to start the business. Here is 6 important guides to starting meat goat farming!

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6 important guides to starting meat goat farming

1. Location

Goats actually can adapt themselves with almost all types of environment as long as it is not extreme. For your meat goat farming, you can start in in any geographical location. The best place for goats is in an urban area, far from pollution that may harm your goats and also prevent you from any regulation and laws that may prohibit you to have a goat farm because not every neighborhood want to live along with goats. Also, pay attention to the space that you have. Is it wide enough for your farm? Remember that you need more than one goat to start a farm. The space that you need also depends on what kind of breed you have because each breed can be different in size and weights. Make sure your goats have enough space for their activities to keep them happy and healthy.

2. Choose a Breed

Usually, when raising goats for meat production only, you may want to consider mixed breed does and full breed buck. There are several different meat goat type of breeds but Boer Goat is the most widely raised for it. Boer Goat put on weight quickly which can be profitable for your production. You can also cross Boer with dairy goat such as Nubian to improve the quality. Besides Boer, other popular meat goat breeds are Angola Nubian which is also able to provide milk, Beetal which originated from India.

Black Bengal from Bangladesh that is very hardy and fit in any location, Matou from Chinese, and Kashmiri that can tolerate hot weather.
Above all, it is better for you to have your own buck, not rent it from someone else. Having your own buck will make it easier for you to recognize the heat period on the doe and make you able to breed whenever you want to. But having your own buck also requires you to work more. Usually, bucks have an aggressive personality so you need a strong fence for them. Read here to know more about Recommended Dairy Goat Breed to Farm and Ways to Recognize Pregnant Goat here

3. Housing, Fencing, and Pasture

You need to prepare for their house and fence. Any type of goats including meat goats needs a clean and dry shelter for taking rest, ruminating, and sleeping. Be sure to provide enough shelter for all your goats and set up a suitable environment and temperature for them. Keep the flow of fresh air and proper drainage to keep it clean and sanitized.

A fence is also important. Goats like to jump and climb so you need to build a steady and strong fence to keep them in and prevent any predators. They also like to stick their heads through any opening including bars of the fences and sometimes make their-self stuck in it because of their horns, so be careful!

You may also need a space for a special occasion for your goats, for example on their labor. Your does will need a peaceful and separated area to go when the delivery is approaching.Another important thing to build is pasture. Having a pasture can help you to reduce supplementary food cos so you can maximize your revenue from the business. Pasture can also help you to keep your goats healthy and keep the natural taste of the goat meat.

4. Feed

Unlike cows or sheep, goats cannot live on grass alone. They also need a dense and high-quality forage such as shrubs and small trees. This may help your goats to put on their weight efficiently. For addition, you can also add supplement with hay or pelleted feed.

5. Health Care

It is possible for your goats to catch up with some diseases. What you can do is to prevent it or to cure it. You can prevent diseases by paying attention to their health care. Provide your goats with clean food and water. Clean up their house or pasture regularly and take care of their bodies. Supply some medicine so you always have them whenever you need. Don’t forget to take them to vets for a regular checkup if you need to. Vets can recommend you supplements or vitamins for your goats. Teach yourself about the common diseases that can happen to your goats so you can prepare better. Read about Common Diseases in Goat Farming here.

6. Market

As a business, you have to know your market. Pick the best product from you to sell, find a buyer and distributor, then gradually expand your market. Be careful with your business plan. We all want our business to be profitable, right? The key is on your goat. As long as your goat is happy and healthy, the weight can add up efficiently which means the more high-quality product you can sell with a higher price.

Those are 6 important guides to starting meat goat farming.  Having meat goat farming can be a valuable and enjoyable experience for you. Just make sure you prepare the things that you need for your farm. Nothing comes in a snap. You need to work hard to get the maximum result. But having a meat goat farm can also be fun! It will teach you how to take care of animals and how to be patient to them. Good luck with your business!