3 Reasons Why Red Eared Slider Turtle is Not A Good Pet

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So for today, we are going to talk about turtle an exotic shelled reptilian that many people loves to take care of and many people admire this reptile as wild animals too. Turtles species are also one of the most critically endangered species in this world. There are several species of turtle from wild sea turtle that is critically endangered around the world, gargantuan land tortoise, or small and cute pet turtle. If you are reptilian lovers, then you need to try out taking care of pet turtle. It is rewarding experience and one unique animals to take care of. If you truly want to take care of turtles, then you need to know that taking care of turtle isn’t really easy as you might need to know some things like how you should treat them, what is the best feeds for them, what are the best species of turtle to take care of. If you are looking for guide in order to easily taking care of your pet turtle, then here you can find that particular article here.

So, when taking care of turtle as pet, what you need to consider is their feeds, their habitat, their cleanliness and one that you should never forget is choosing the right species of turtle for your pet. There are many species of turtle to choose for, each with their own unique characteristics and features. Some are big land tortoise that could live for more than hundred years, some are aquatic terrapin turtle that have small and cute body and some are desert tortoise with colourful shell. One of the species of land turtle is Red Eared Slider turtle. This turtle is actually pretty popular among the people as they are fairly cheap and easy to get. However, this turtle have many downside and some people even consider this turtle isn’t a good pet. There are many reasons why this turtle is considered to be bad pet. So, if you are curious why, here are 3 Reasons Why Red Eared Slider Turtle is Not A Good Pet and how you should avoid getting it for your pet.

So, why red eared slider turtle is considered to be a bad pet?

Red Eared Slider turtle or RES turtle is considered to be one of the most popular pet turtle around the world. They are fairly easy to get and they are also cheap to get too. No wonder that many people choose red eared slider turtle as their own pet turtle. However, many didn’t know that having a red eared slider turtle is actually not a very good idea for any beginner turtle owner. They have many disadvantages and problem that pet owner must contend with. What are the problems with red eared slider turtle? And why they are considered as a bad pet.

  • RES turtle can grow to quite a big size

RES turtle is one of the turtle that can grow into quite a big size. Many people buy RES turtle during their baby size, so they will think that this turtle is cute pet. However, once they grow big, RES turtle can be quite problematic. Big size means you need to provide them with extra care, and extra expense on them.

Since they could grow big, that means this turtle will need lot of space. Once they grow bigger and bigger each days, you will need to constantly change their tanks to match their bigger size. If you don’t change their tank constantly, then your turtle will have many health problems and diseases in cramped tank.

  • They are quite aggressive turtle

Since RES turtle could grow quite big, this turtle have pretty aggressive nature. Since they have aggressive nature, when you try to introduce this turtle with other smaller creature especially what they consider weaker than them, this turtle might attack them, especially if they are smaller than this turtle. Because of its aggressive nature, you can’t just release them in the wild carelessly. With aggressive nature, and pretty big body, they could dominate the ecosystem and causing a disrupt in ecosystem, and can cause imbalance in food chains and ecosystem that can cause many environmental problems in the future.

  • They aren’t cheap to take care of

Turtle is considered as expensive and exotic pet. They aren’t cheap to take care of them and unlike more popular pet like cats and dogs there aren’t much we know about turtle. Their care is pretty expensive especially when they got sick with so many turtle diseases. Not to mention that they could live for quite a time as they have pretty long lifespan. Long lifespan means that you will need to take care of it for a very long time, meaning that you will spend more and more of your money to take care of this turtle. If you don’t have much money to take care of this turtle, then consider choose the easier and cheaper pet than this turtle.

So, final verdict, these 3 Reasons Why Red Eared Slider Turtle is Not A Good Pet need to be considered if you are choosing red eared slider turtle as your pet. Buying baby red eared slider turtle might really cheap and easy to get, but consider they are pretty hassle pet to have, you might want to think twice about getting this turtle as a pet.