2 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Pet Turtles Food

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Today, we are going to talk about shelled reptile or to be precisely turtle. Turtle is reptile animal that is quite unique animal. They could be really cute pet that if taken care correctly, they could live for a very long time. They are many things you could enjoy getting turtle, as they can be very cute and amazing pets. However, to take care of turtles, you will need to do lot of things. There are many things you will need to consider if you are going to buy turtle for your pets. If you want your pet turtle to have long life, then what you need to do is to fulfill your turtle nutritional needs. How we could fulfill our turtle nutritional needs, and what are the best nutrition you should prioritize for your turtle?

What you need to know first about turtle nutritional needs

What you need to know is, that not every turtle have the same nutritional diets, which means different turtle will needs different nutritional needs. Some turtle are omnivorous animals as they could eat little fish as well as veggies. Some turtle, especially land turtle are herbivore which means their main diet consist of veggies and nothing else. If we want to talk about best nutrition for pet turtle, then we need to divide it with two sections, one for omnivorous or carnivorous turtle, and one for herbivorous turtle. Now, let us start in our 2 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Pet Turtles Foodarticle.

  • Omnivorous turtle nutritional needs

Some aquatic turtle have omnivorous diets consists of small fish, veggies, sea weed, algae and many more. Even though some turtle are omnivorous animals, there are many people who thought that standard pet turtle foods that they have bought from pet shop. However, standard pet foods might not be enough for one turtle, especially if your turtle grow bigger. The bigger your turtle, the more nutritional needs they need so you will need to give your turtle more supplement for their health.

Adult turtle will need much nutrition for their body, as they need supplement in their daily life. However, turtle is well known for its longevity and they don’t really need much food to live. They don’t ask for much foods, and it is practically easy to give them what they need. Omnivorous turtle will need lot of nutrition. The priority for omnivorous turtle should be protein, mineral and calcium. Don’t forget to give them supplement of vitamins. You should also give them small amount of carbohydrate every day in their meals.

For young turtle, the best foods for them is fresh foods consist of veggies and protein from small fish. Adult turtle can have wider range of foods. From insect, feeder fish, fresh veggies and fruits. Turtle don’t ask much about foods, but you still need to give them foods regularly. It is the responsibility of every pet owner, and therefore you will need to know about the best diets for your pet turtle.

  • Herbivore turtle nutritional needs

Some turtle are herbivore which means they can only eat veggies and fruits. They can’t eat any meat and fish so try to avoid giving them feeder fish and insect as they won’t like it very much. Herbivore turtle is usually land tortoise that is generally easier to feed however harder to take care of since they could live for a very long time. If turtle live for a very long time, it means you will spend more money on their maintenance and feed. That is why many people consider long living turtle is a burden. If you are considering in getting pet turtle, you should consider about long term cost and maintenance.

Herbivore turtle generally don’t eat much and in fact they don’t eat much food every day. This make herbivore turtle is really good choice for beginner. Young turtle will generally eat fresh veggies like lettuce. If you are dealing with baby turtle, make sure to chop the veggies in smaller bite so your turtle won’t have hard time eating it. If dealing with adult turtle, you can generally give those fresh veggies and some fruits once in a while. Veggies like lettuce, bhok choy and cabbage is one of the best options you can choose for herbivore pet turtle.

For herbivore pet turtle, nutrition that should be top priority is their minerals and calcium. They only get small amount of protein and carbohydrate from their diets but it is fine for them. Herbivore turtle unlike any other animal doesn’t really need protein and carbohydrate in their diets as they can easily conserve energy. They generally don’t use much energy every day, and therefore doesn’t need too much protein and carbohydrate. As for their growth, you will need to give them supplement of calcium-rich veggies as it could help shell growth.

That is 2 Best Nutritition Facts That Should Be Contained in Pet Turtles Food. We divides our article with 2 best nutrition for omnivorous pet turtle that could eat fish, insect, veggies and fruits and herbivorous turtle that can only eat veggies and fruits. Now, if you have more questions, feel free to ask us by giving comment and don’t forget to leave a like in our article here.