How to treat a sick manx cat at home

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Now, as for today, we are going to talk about cat. Cat or Felis Catus is one of the most popular pet animals in this world, and there are tons of people who love cat regardless of their age from young to old. Cats have been documented to be domesticated since ancient times as human companion, the oldest record of domesticated cat dating back around Ancient Mesopotamian Empire in the Fertile Crescent valley of Mesopotamia. During this time, agricultural for human is really big deals but there is slight problem. Rodents keep stealing and destroying human crops in their barn so to keep rodent away, human cleverly invite wild cats and then domesticate them to guard their crops from any rodents. Since then cats become human best friend as rodent exterminator. Cats are also historically important in many ancient cultures such as Egypt, Roman and Greeks. Now, cats have played a role of house pets for many people, to keep them company to be loved and to be cuddle with. Today, there are tons of cat breeds from all around the world, each with their different types and characteristics.

One of the most popular breed of cat is manx cat. Manx cat is a type of tailless cat which are stubby and have quite rotund body with short hair. This cat comes from Isle of Man and one of the most favourite cat companion in Europe and some part of Americas. However taking care of Manx cat isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if your Manx cat goes sick. So, How to treat a sick manx cat at home? How we can take care of sick manx cat?

A guide to take care of sick Manx Cat at home easily

 First of all, you need to know what is manx cat? Manx cats are tailless cats that hail from isle of man. Manx cat is mostly know for its tailless body, rotund body, comes with many colour and they are also have triangular chubby face. Manx cat is well known for many people, but you need to know that treating Manx cat isn’t for beginner cat owner. Some people consider that Manx cat have the genetical problems related to their tailless features. Cats normally have tail, and their tail is used as balance and communication. When you take away that tail, cats will have problems for their balance, their walking posture, and also their communication as well. There are also some case of spinal cord and spine developmental problem related to Manx cat, so treating Manx cat at home might not be as easy as you think.

There are many things you can do to treat sick Manx cat at home, here are some tips and guide on how you should treat Manx cat at your home with ease.

  • Hygiene is a must for your cat

When bringing cat to your home, you will also unwantedly bringing parasites like mites and lice to your home. Mites and lice could affect your cat health if you don’t keep your cat hygiene properly. Manx cat, just like any other cats or any other furry animals will have problems with this kind of parasite. Always bath your cat routinely, use anti pest shampoo for your cats and don’t forget to clip their nail regularly. Clean cat is good cat and therefore it is responsibility of cat owners to clean their cat properly. You also need to keep the environment of your cat clean too. Don’t forget to clean your cat litter box and make sure your cat is clean from its own filth.

  • Good and balanced diets

Good and balanced diets are one of the most important things to keep your cat healthy. It is also good way and must way to treat your sick Manx cat. Make sure to have healthy protein diets for your cat. Consult with your vets to know more about recommended diets for your Manx cat, since Manx cat will have slightly different diets than any other normal cats.

  • Keep close on veterinarian contacts

Best way to treat your sick Manx cat is to make sure you contact professional vets quickly. You can try to treat your sick Manx cat at home, but if the problems are serious like spinal cord problems, or spine diseases, then you need to make sure to contact your vets first before attempting anything else. There are many amateur cat owners will try to treat  their own sick cat at home without contacting the professional vets and make a huge mistake that worsen the cat condition.

  • Always prepare special medication for your Manx cat

Keep your Manx cat medication close to you at all time. Some manx cat is frailer than any other cats and therefore need their own special medication. This is the key on How to treat a sick manx cat at home. Always keep prescribed medication for your Manx cat close, and try to always follow vets instruction before applying medications.