What Are Specific Differences Between Water Turtle and Sea Turtle?

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Alright, so as for today, we will present you an article about turtle, a famous shelly reptilian that everybody knows. Turtle is always popular animal as a pet and not only as a pet but it is generally a popular animals too. Many people especially reptile lovers like to keep this animal as a pet because of their uniqueness and considered as exotic for some people. However, you should know that turtle, most of them are now critically endangered. Wild sea turtle like green turtle or hawksbills turtle for example, are one of the most critically endangered species in this world. Several governments from all over the world have already made laws protecting turtle species. If it isn’t us to protect this fragile species of reptile/ then who will protect them? Turtle is also one of the species that suffer greatly from ocean pollution. Human pollution like plastic in the ocean is serious problems, other problem that affecting turtle life is overhunting, illegal poaching and serious threat from ocean acidification.

Now, let’s return to less depressing problem, let’s discuss about turtle in specific ways. When hearing the word ‘turtle’ what is the first thing that might cross your mind? Some of you might think about aquatic sea turtle that lives in the sea, eating jellyfish and have fins. Some of you also might think giant tortoise that can grow for more than a meter long. Some of you might already aware that there are several species of turtle, each with their own characteristics and their differences. If you don’t know about it at all, then don’t worry, we will explain it to you shortly to enlightened you more about this turtle matter. If you ever wonder the question What Are Specific Differences Between Water Turtle and Sea Turtle? Then the answers will be right here then.

What are the differences between water turtle and sea turtle?

When we are talking about turtle, generally turtle will split into at least two categories. One that have legs one that have fins, or you can also say, one that is land or freshwater turtle and one that is sea turtle. Both freshwater turtle and sea turtle are differences in their habitats, physiology, dietary, and features. They are both turtles, however both of them comes from different sub-species of Testudinata which means that they are different animal. If you don’t know about what’s make them different, then here is our explanation on the differences of freshwater turtle and sea turtle.

  • Freshwater Turtle Explanation

Freshwater turtle are turtle that inhabit body of water like river, lake and marsh area. They mostly lives on wet land, riverbank, and some of them also can be found in rainforest or jungle. They are generally aquatic animals who can’t live without water or their body will dried up. Some notable freshwater turtle are Terrapin, snapping turtle, softshell turtle, Russian turtle and many more. They are generally smaller than their sea turtle cousin and of course smaller than their gargantuan land turtle.

Freshwater turtle are omnivores, as they can eat some veggies and plants but they can also eat small fishes, crustaceans and some small insect. Some freshwater turtle is generally docile and won’t attack on sight, however there are certain kinds of freshwater turtle that are actually predator and might attack if you are getting too close. One of the most notorious turtle is Alligator Snapping turtle. This snapping turtle mostly lives on swampy area, marshland, and riverbank. They are carnivorous animals that eat fishes and crustaceans. They can easily crush fishes meat and crustacean shells with their strong jaws and astounding bite force. One of the strongest bite force of animal kingdom is actually from this turtle. They can easily chop of human finger so don’t try to poke around this turtle

  • Sea Turtles Unique but Critically Endangered

Different from its land or freshwater turtle, sea turtle is quite different in terms of physiology and habitats. They are aquatic animals which legs have evolved into fins to let them swim at greater distance. Sea turtle have recorded to swim at great distance across the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian Ocean. Sea turtle is one of the most critically endangered species of animals that many governments closely monitor and protect. There are many species of sea turtles that are endangered like green turtle and hawksbills turtle.

Sea turtle generally eat smaller fishes, crustacean, and algae or seaweed. However they could also eat hazardous thing such as poisonous sponges and snails, jellyfishes, and even some anemone. They have special mouth and digestive system that let them to easily eat any hazardous or poisonous things.

So in conclusion, freshwater turtle and sea turtle are completely different. They have different physiology, different habitat one in freshwater one in sea, different diets and different features too. Both of them are animals that need to be protected by human as they are on the verge of extinction. Turtle have quite slow reproduction, they are also one of the species that affected the most by pollution and there are also many cases of turtle poaching and overhunting. It is our responsibility to protect this shelled reptile. So, did we answer your question on What Are Specific Differences Between Water Turtle and Sea Turtle?