How to Help Clearing the Path for Baby Sea Turtle to the Ocean

Sea turtle was included as the wild animals that roam the underwater world although we know that this animal was purely harm-less. Another nickname for sea turtle is marine turtle, which out of seven species five of them had been classified as endangered sea turtle species. The sea turtle is different from regular turtle, especially if we associated it with the ecology of both species. Some species of turtle such common snapping turtle was inhibited natural of the wildlife such swamps, rivers, and lakes; and just like the name sea turtle was official inhabitant of ocean and beaches.

Furthermore, a lot of concern had been proclaimed due the safety and survival of this species. According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and Sea Turtle Conservancy, sea turtle is face most the hardest period from 110 years of their lifetimes on earth. Threat of ocean pollution, global warming, poaching, and over-harvesting, and other irresponsibility human activities was drag them little by little to edge of extinction. If human was part of the caused of threat, then it’s also our responsibility to make it right again.

I’m not saying you should become protesters or join some naturalist organizations (consider not every place has it), but we could do small things which could keep the ocean as healthy as possible due the interests of all those creatures that dependent their lives to the ocean. So, to make a little act for a better purpose, we would learn how to help clearing the path for baby sea turtle to the ocean – make sure that the path is safety for the young sea turtle who is ready to start their new adventures in the wilderness. Here are some actions you could commit to help the survival of this wonderful creature!

Storm the Sand Ornaments

What the most fun thing when you visit a beach? Build the sand into some ornament! Yes, this one of the fun thing you could do on the beach. Watching your children play with sands and hone their creativity must be proud thing to see, and it is true. But, the problem would come after that, because those beautiful handmade castle of your children would become a terrifying obstacle for the sea turtle.

We absolutely understand that sea turtle was hatched and nested underneath the sands, and those sands was the main-road for baby sea turtle and other turtles. So, if your children – or you build some ornament of sands, make sure you knock it down before you leave. Fill back the holes you dug in the sands because those act could harm the turtle in case they were trap or fall into the holes.

Put the Garbage on the Trash Cane

Number one human error and problem, never throw their own garbage on the trash. Even worse some people thrown their garbage into the sea! My friend, we’re not a kid anymore who should be told  first. This action might seems simple for some people, but not with our nature environmental. Moreover, apparently human trash was part of the worst thing of human errors that polluted our nature – not only sea as particular subject, but world-wide nature environment.

Also, this kind of act was given the bad effect for the animal that was the sea inhabitants, the example is sea turtle. Our trash could harm them – in case coincidentally they step into the trash like sharp cane or glasses, and other dangerous materials. So, you want to safe the baby sea turtle? Just simply throw your garbage into the trash cane, and care to put away the garbage in your way – you already do the action of saving baby sea turtle. Very easy isn’t it?

Say No to Plastic

Try to replace disposable plastic with reusable materials. The recycling trash process would help to reduce the amount of trash and would prevent the trash enter the ocean. Avoid the applications of plastic bag – instead, use some reusable items such water bottle and shopping bag. This act would help reduce the utilization of plastic, which a lot of time would end up in the ocean. Once it gets into the water, it’s really hard to prevent those underneath creatures not to swallow it.

Furthermore, reduce the application of single-use items, such as balloons in the beach (in case you held some parties) because mostly those left materials would stay and dragged into the ocean. One more time, it very troublesome if sea turtle misunderstood the item as they diet menu – you could imagine what would happen if all those baby sea turtle eat it!

Keep the Beach Light Off at Night

Sea turtle used the light as the guide to the water, and ordinarily they would use moonlight as the natural lightning in the depth of dark of night. Moreover, if accidentally we give this sea turtle a “wrong guide” and disoriented this creature with our own lightning (although we put if for good reasons), they could misguide to the land not the water. This would bring possible danger for this animal, such predation and dehydration.

Try to avoid using some light from any sources such as your phone, camera, flash photography, or even flashlight surround the nesting places of sea turtle. Use the shade of your artificial light to minimize the “sharp” brightness and reduce the amount of light as possible. If, you at any possibility already disoriented the baby sea turtle, call the authorities, or conservation officer to help with the situation. Do not try to move the baby turtle by yourself.

Don’t Disturb the Baby Sea Turtle

The last thing of the lists how to help clearing the path for baby sea turtle to the ocean is don’t disturb them. Yes, you could help them by release them near the sea, but do not ever put them directly into the sea. Let them walk by themselves, let those baby feel the excitement. All you need to do is watch them carefully, and make sure nothing delay their path to the real-world.

Also, perhaps you should consider waiting the baby reach certain ages before you release them due the safety reason. At least at ages that they could survive and capable of protecting themselves. If you want to learn more about sea turtle, you could check this article: let’s get closer with sea turtle.