4 Facts of Green Turtle and Their Physical Features

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Well, as for today, we are going to discuss about turtle, a shelled reptile that is popular in many countries, popular for house pets and also protected wild animals. Turtle is a reptilian animal that comes from a family of Testudinata. Turtle is also reptile that has been around this world for a very long time, since Jurassic times. Turtle doesn’t have much change from their Jurassic ancestors, well except for their sizes and some features.

If we are talking about turtles, many people will think differently. Some people might think of differently as there are many kinds of turtles that have different and unique characters. There are actually many kind of turtles in this world comes from many shapes and size with different features. There are also different turtles depending on the habitat from all around the world. If you want to know more about turtle,  then you have come to the right place.

For now, we will discuss about one particular turtle and that is green turtle. Green turtle or green sea turtle is a species of sea turtle that inhabits Warm Ocean all around the world. Green turtle is one of the sea turtle species in this world that is actually endangered. There are many species of turtle that are in critically endangered state in this world and green turtle is one of them. If we want to protect this unqiue species, we need to know more about this unique creature. Want to know more about green turtle? Here are  4 Facts of Green Turtle and Their Physical Features.

Know more about green turtle and their characteristics here

 Green turtle is one of the species of sea turtle. For your information, sea turtle is species of turtle that lives on the sea, just like the name suggest. Sea turtle is different from any other turtle like land turtle and freshwater turtle is species that have different features and characteristics than any other turtle. They are different in their physiology, characteristics, habitat, diets and behaviour. Green turtle have their own unique characteristics and physical features. If you want to learn more about green turtle, here are some facts that you might like to see about green turtle.

  • Green Turtle Physical Appearances

Green sea turtle or Chelonia mydas is one of the most popular sea turtle around the world. Green turtle or pacific green turtle is a species of large sea turtle that belong to the family of Cheloniidae. This turtle have flattened body shell. Its shell is teardrop-shaped and have various colour but mostly green with brownish features. In some part of Pacific Ocean, this turtle is actually black coloured shell so they are also called black sea turtle. This turtle body outside of its shell is also covered in blackish scale, its head and big flappy fins are covered in black scales.

  • Like other sea turtle, green turtle have fin for their legs

Like any other sea turtle like hawksbills or softshell turtle, the green sea turtle has big paddle-like legs that they use as a fin to swim in the ocean. This is main features of sea turtle and what makes sea turtle is generally different from land or freshwater turtle. This paddle fin is quite strong as green turtle is recorded can swim at greater distance, ranging from Australian sea, until Hawaiian island and Florida beaches.

  • Green turtle unique diets

Unlike its cousin like hawksbills turtle, green sea turtle is generally herbivorous. Some turtle are well known to eat fishes, crustaceans and some even eat poisonous jellyfishes. However, green sea turtle is actually herbivorous. They feed mostly on seagrasses, sea weeds and some sponges too. Although green sea turtle eat sea grass, it is actually beneficial for sea grass as it trim the tips of the blades of sea weeds and therefore keeping sea grass clean and healthy.

  • Green turtle other unique facts

Sea turtle is well known for its wide range of habitats and also well documented turtle migration. During their reproduction cycles, green turtles just like any other sea turtle will migrate such a great distances between their feeding grounds and then go to their hatching beaches. They migrate to such a long distance ranging from hundreds and hundreds miles across the ocean. Once turtle reach their hatching beach, females will dig nests and then they will lay their egg during night. After that the turtle babies hatch and scramble into the ocean.

This turtle is considerd as critically endangered and may extinct soon if we don’t try to protect this creature. Many countries now passing on laws to protect this turtle to protect them from overexploitation, turtle egg poaching and also sea pollution. Turtles are creature that have quite long lifetime, however there are many causes of turtle death, overexploitation and overhunting that slowly drive this innocent creature to its extinction.

Now, for final verdict, Those are 4 Facts of Green Turtle and Their Physical Features for you to understand more about green sea turtle. This turtle is unique however critically endangered, so if we aren’t protecting this poor creature who will do it for the sake of our future?