Let’s Breakdown the Common Symptoms of Coccidiosis in Birds

Birds may be exposed to several health problems, such as these bacterial diseases in birds. That’s why as an owner, it is a must to be aware of the symptoms and causes of the diseases, so that your birds can be healthy. Birds are susceptible to the coccidian parasite. This parasite can be found worldwide. […]

4 Common Bacterial Diseases in Birds

Birds are prone to have some diseases, such as mentioned in symptoms of liver disease in birds. The disease include both the bacterial and fungal diseases. Birds can be healthy pets if they are cared with good nutrition and live in healthy environment. However, bacteria can also be found anywhere, and they may infect your […]

5 Common Signs of Stress in Parrots You Must Know

All animals are possible to get sick, including birds. However, it is often too difficult to decide whether the birds are sick as they commonly hide the signs of illness. It is even harder for birds parents to tell whether their birds are sick. Birds, just like other animals, are able to feel emotions and […]

Be Cautious of these 20 Symptoms of Liver Disease in Birds

If you decide to have a bird pet at home, then you should be ready with many joys as well as challenges that you will face. You surely would like to see your birds healthy all the time and don’t want to see them get sick. This article will tell you about a certain disease […]