Beware of these Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Dogs are exposed to some diseases, even by these unknown but deadly dog diseases every dog owner should know. As a dog owner, it is a must to be knowledgeable to the common diseases your dogs may suffer from. One of the diseases a dog may suffer from is Cushing’s disease. Hyperadrenocorticism, or known as […]

Helpful Tips on Taking Care of Neutered Dog

Spaying or neutering is one of the most responsible ways for dog owners to take care for their pet. It may be confusing for the first-time dog owner, as there are so many questions appearing about it, including the risks and the cost. Neutering refers to the removal of the male dog’s reproductive organs. This […]

5 Possible Causes of Sudden Aggression in Dogs

It is really frightening to be around an aggressive dog, isn’t it? It is even more frightening to be around a dog that is usually friendly but then suddenly becomes really aggressive, showing its teeth, growling and lunging. In an extreme case, the aggressive dog may bite or attack you or other family members it […]

Find out These 6 Causes of Dog’s Ear Infection

Having a dog at home is always exciting, however, when your dog is sick, it won’t be fun. Some diseases and infections can be experienced by your dogs. You can check some of the dog diseases in rainy seasons disease that might attack your dog. One of the most common health problems that dogs have […]