The Causes of Plumbism on Gerbills

Gerbils or some people call them desert rats aren’t very popular pets. Compared with other pet such as hamster, cats or dogs, then gerbil might not as popular as them. Some people might not even know what is gerbil and only heard them once in their lifetime. It is pretty rare pet and some people […]

The Way to Detect Nervous System Disorders on Gerbills

If you are an animal lovers, you might have already heard and know about this animal, however if you are still amateur animal lovers, and don’t know much about animal, then you might don’t know about this animals at all. It is a gerbil. Well, it is quite unpopular animal in the world, and many […]

The Types of Ear Infection on Gerbill

If you are an animal lovers, especially loves small animal such as hamster, ground squirrel, sugar glider or rabbits, then you might already heard about gerbil. Gerbil is a small animal, mammal animals that belong to the sub family of Gerbillinae from the order of Rodentia just like mice and hamster. Some people also called […]

Tapeworms on Gerbill; How It Comes?

Have you ever heard about Tapeworms? Tapeworm is one of the endoparasitic flatworms that can infect live beings, including animals like gerbils. Gerbils usually contract tapeworm parasites from ingesting contaminated food or water. However, not all types of tapeworms can infect gerbils but only two types of them which are the rat tapeworm and the […]