Be Mindful of these 13 Forbidden Foods for Rabbit to Eat

Rabbits have a specialized digestive system that is different with the other animals. This difference enables the rabbit’s ability to process fiber and nuttients that make it adaptable to many different environments. However, this unique digestive system should also be followed by extra attentions to the owners about what to feed and what not to […]

Types of Food that are Beneficial for Gaining Your Rabbit’s Weight

Do you agree that seeing our pets having a healthy and well-shaped body is a happiness? Rabbits are small animals, but it is a big no for them to be underweight. Rabbits have digestive systems that are effective to squeeze every last bit of nutrition out of their body. As a result, generally, a rabbit […]

7 Types of Food Your Rabbit Shouldn’t Eat and Why

Keeping an animal at home is a fun thing to do. One example of animal you can keep at home is rabbit. Due to its cuteness and ease of taking care of it make many people think of keeping it as a pet. However, you still need to pay attention to some details because you […]