Here how to Avoid Common Skin Problems of Iguana

Iguana become one of the most kept reptile alongside with snakes and chameleons. Just like other pet, it comes with the disadvantages and the advantages of keeping iguana as pet. As wild animals, make them a little bit hard to tame unlike domesticated animals. Despite all the scary and tough looks, iguana has amazing facts […]

3 Signs of Skin Inflammation in Your Cat’s Paws

Cat’s skin inflammation, can also be referred to feline dermatitis, is cat’s immune system’s over reactive response. There are many things that can trigger cat’s skin inflammation, such as parasites like fleas and mites, bacterial infection, fungal infection, viral infection, food or contact allergy, skin cancer, trauma from bite, fight wound, or foreign object like […]

7 Common Causes of Skin Problems in Dogs

There are many causes of skin problems in dog. Literally the causes are can from inside and outside of dog. The inside is like gen, race, and cell. And the outside is like food, weather, and fungal. Mostly the common causes of skin problems in dogs are of external factors. The external factor can avoid […]