Best Tips on Handling Picky Eater Dogs

Dogs may have different appearance, weight and personality, but all of them love food. However, not all dogs have consistent and hearty appetite.

Some dogs are happy to eat everything you put in front of them, however, some dogs are picky eaters. It may be frustrating for dog parents to deal with those.

Although picky eating is not always a major cause of concern, mealtime should be one of the best bits of a dog’s day.

Picky eating can also be a sign of an underlying medical conditions or environmental stressor. So, if you have a picky eater dog, then you are suggested to handle it as soon as possible.

Let’s discuss deeper on each of these best tips on handling picky eater dogs.

  • Consult with your vet

One of the best ways to handle picky eater dog is by consulting with your vet. Why? Because the issue of picky eating could be related to certain medical conditions, such as swallowed something they shouldn’t, dental disease, parasites, allergies, infection, arthritis or spine issues, or side effects of vaccination.

One thing to keep in mind: a healthy dog won’t starve himself, no matter how picky he is.

If you see your dog does not eat and lose weight or even loses his coat, then you should visit your vet immediately.

  • Remove the meal until tomorrow

This method may seem mean, but many owners have successfully proved it. You can start offering your dog food for dinner just like normal. Then, during this time, leave the room and avoid interacting with your dog.

If your dog follows you, ignore him. Wait until 15 minutes, if you dog doesn’t eat his meal, then take his food away.

In the next morning, you can offer a meal for your dog as his breakfast. Make sure it is a fresh meal, not the kibble that was left overnight. If your dog doesn’t eat again within 15 minutes, then take it away.

Once the dinner time comes, your dog will have gone a whole day without eating. As a result, he will get hungry and realize that he doesn’t have anything else. He only has 1 choice: eat his food.

  • Change to a tastier food

Your dog cannot tell you whether he likes the food or not. You can make a change to tastier food. When making a change, avoid giving similar flavors.

Instead, try to offer a completely different flavor. If your dog usually eats chicken flavor, then you can try fish or beef instead.

You can also try fish-based dog food as it has stinky fish flavor. Some dog owners found that these fish flavors, such as tuna and salmon are more likely to be gobbled up.

  • Exercise your dog

Exercising is a great way to build up an appetite. Just like us, humans, we tend to get hungry after completing the morning jog, so do dogs.

You don’t have to choose a heavy exercise for your dog, just bring your dog for a nice long walk. It is good both for you and your dog!

The point of exercising your dog is making him tired. When he burns off his excess energy, then he starts to get hungry and it is time to refuel.

In this case, your dog will only have his meal, so he will be likely to eat it!

Get the idea of simple exercises for your dog to maintain its health. Both of you can have fun!

  • Throw it on the floor

Puppies are playful, even with their food. If you have a picky eater puppy, then you can use this issue.

Sit by your puppy and sprinkle the dried food on the floor, little by little. As your puppy eats a piece, then you can add another one further away.

Your puppy will think it is a game and he will be very enthusiastic to take his food.

This method can be a bit messy, so it is suggested to be done outdoor.

  • No table scraps

This is one of the main causes of picky eater dog: his owner shares his food with him. If you are sharing your food with your dog, then it will be quite hard to convince him to eat his own food.

It may be hard for you to resist, especially when your dog peers up from under the table with those puppy eyes. However, don’t worry as your dog won’t get hungry at all if you don’t share yours.

Dogs shouldn’t eat humans food. Read more about the reasons why you shouldn’t give human food to your pets.

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