4 Tips To Take Care Of A Puppy When You’re Out To Work

Are you a full time worker but you want to have a puppy at home? Don’t worry, we have some tips to take care of a puppy when you’re out to work. Yes it’s very challenging to balance your time between work and your puppy. However, there are several options to choose that can be a way out to do both, working and taking care of a pup. New owners of puppy should read this : Easiest ways of caring puppy at home for beginners and Important Tips to Take Care of A Puppy Without Its Mother

Here are some tips of how to take care of a puppy when you are out to work.

1. Assistance

This is impossible to leave your puppy alone at home without any supervision. We would worry if he is okay at home, is he is happy, if he needs something while we are not home. Rather than worrying about your cute little puppy and distracting your concentration to work, don’t you think it’s better if you can get help from people you can trust to assist you in taking care of this small pup.

  • Getting help from your family or people you can trust

Here you can ask your family or friends to help you in taking care of the pup. Make a list what to do and what not, what’s allowed and what’s not. When your family is getting involved in taking care of the pup, you will not worry about your pup at home being alone. He will be taken care and be loved.

If your family doesn’t live at the same house, you can bring the dog and take him to their house. Or you can also drop the pup to your friend who is willing in spending time to help you taking care of the pup. When you do that, don’t forget to bring all necessary items needed for your pup.

Bear in mind about how to pay back your family or friend’s kindness in helping you taking care of the pup. They might not ask you for money in helping you with the pup, however you should show gratitude and appreciation for their help. You might consider to bring them to dinner, or give them some presents that they like.

  • Neighbor’s help

If you have a good relationship with your neighbor, they might help you too in taking care of the pup. You may ask them to check in every hour or so to let your dog out or you can ask them to come into your house to check if the pup is okay or might be needing something.

You can ask whether the pup makes some noise like barking or whining when you are not home. And if the pup still does it although your neighbor checks in time to time, you might consider another way to take care of this pup.

  • A dog sitter or a dog walker

Hiring a dog sitter is one of a good solution to make sure your pup is being well treated and taken care of. You have to provide the sitter a checklist about the pup. Make sure the sitter takes your pup for a walk once or twice a day. Then for them to spend some times playing with your pup. And ask them to help you in giving the pup some basic training. It will make your life easier.

However, if you can only hire a dog walker, it’s better to hire someone you know. Your kid neighbor might be happy to do so as he also likes to get some more money. Since the walker is a kid, guide him with some instructions he understands.

  • Dog’s day care

This is the last option when you can’t find anyone who is able to take care of your pup into their supervision. Find a clean and safe dog care to put your pup there during the time you work. Make sure the place is well maintained and puppy proof. If possible, get testimonies from their clients about how good their services are.

You might get recommendation from your vet regarding a dog’s day care. Ask the day care owner if the dogs they take care have had the vaccines. It’s important to know as we don’t want our puppy to be infected with certain disease.

2. Time management with your work

This might come into your mind to manage your working time or way before leaving the pup alone at home. If it’s possible you may reduce your working time outside. You may be able to do your work at home more than in office.

Another consideration if your home is quite close with your office is to be back home during lunch time to be with your pup before coming back to work again. This arrangement will make you less worry about your dog and he will become happier to spend more time with you.

3. Prioritize puppy’s happiness

  • Puppy proof house

This is a must before leaving the pup home alone. Create his nest so he can be comfortable and feel content. Leave the toys for him to play. When you leave your pup, he can be bored and become distressed easily as you as the source of his fun are not around.

Don’t leave any dangerous things into his reach. Make sure your house is safe for your dog to be alone without any supervision. You may also consider to leave your shirt or pillow with your scent on it for your puppy to feel like you are beside him.

  • Spend more time.

Spending more time with your puppy earlier in the day and latter at night to play with him. He will love to be with you and feeling happier. Make quality time to ensure his happiness.

  • Treat camera for dogs

One of great invention that can ensure your pup’s happiness is treat camera for dogs. You may want to consider buying this product to make it easier for you to check your puppy at home. You can monitor him anytime you want as it will connect you and the pup in two ways communication.

You will easily see what your pup is doing as the device will be connected to you through internet connection.  You are even able to treat your pup with his kibble as it is a container where you keep the treats.

When your puppy is feeling anxious, you can talk to him and calm him down. Isn’t it a great invention for dog’s owner?

4. Training and Exercising

Training is a must. It will make you easier to leave the trained pup than the untrained. It will also make his energy lesser to avoid his chance in messing the house around.

  • Walking sessions

If it’s possible, take your puppy for a walk before you go to work. Besides bonding with your puppy, you are also give him the chance to be more calm during your absence at home.

  • Routines

Set a schedule for him and give it to your dog sitter, if you hire one. Otherwise, you make a compromise to make the schedule along with your working schedule. Pups will feel less anxious if they follow the same routines.

  • Trainings

Though you only have limited time, trainings can be omitted from your puppy’s schedule. As they grow bigger and understand your commands, it will be a lot easier for you to leave him alone at home.

Remember, be patient to do all those tips of how to take care of a puppy when you are out for work. Nothing comes easy. But all your hard work and effort will be paid off with your pup’s happiness.

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