10 Ways to Housebreaking Your Puppy When You Work Full Time

A puppy is adorable and irresistible member to a household. But he comes in a package with responsibilities. He needs to be taught to be smart, just like we educate our child. We need time and patience to him them something. Your puppy needs to be trained to able to potty properly and to behave obediently.

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If you are a full time worker, it will be a bit difficult as all training process needs attention and consistency. It seems impossible to train him. You can’t be with him to go through the routine schedule in training him.

It is advisable that you take few days leave to give initial training for your puppy before you leave him full day to work. You should teach him the basic and set the routines so he can learn.

Here I would like to present some ways to housebreaking your puppy when you work full time.

1. Maximize your time with the puppy

When you are at home, you have to spend time and maximize your time together to train the puppy. Early morning when he wakes up, take him right away to his bathroom and do that too before bed at night. If possible, take leave days when you first take your puppy home. Introduce him to his new home and to his potty schedule.

2. Crate

When you are not there for your puppy, crating is very important to housebreak him. If you don’t have crate, you can put him into a limited space. Do not let him wander around your house without supervision. Unless you expect your house to be urinated everywhere around the house. Just like a baby who can’t control his bladder, your puppy is also the same. He is still unable to hold his bladder. The reason for you to put him in a crate is to give him enough space to turn around but not enough space for him to be away from his waste when he pees in the crate.

However, try not to put your puppy the whole day in a crate. Get your friends or neighbor to help you taking out the puppy out for a while for potty breaks. They can also be bored and depressed being locked up in his crate the whole day. Once you are back home, let him out from the crate and continue the training for your pup. Give him praise for being good alone at home. Pat him and be with him.

3. Spending time before work.

You should at least be spending your time with your puppy before you take off to work. Be with him early morning to train him for potty outside. Take a short walk to exercise and to bond with him. This exercise will help him with his digestive system. And before you leave him for work, make sure to take him to relieve himself.

4. Helping hand

Puppy younger than 6 months cannot control his bladder and bowel more than 4 hours at a time. It’s because he is not trained to hold it in yet. Though at this age, physically he can control it, but he still doesn’t know that he should do it. He still needs supervision to teach him what to do. Since you are not available due to your work, maybe you can get a help from your friend, or neighbor to help you out with taking your puppy out to potty? If there is no one who can help you, consider hiring a helping hand or a dog sitter.

5. Schedule

This schedule is really important to set a routine for your puppy. This activity will make him learn that he should go to bathroom after he wakes up, after meals, and before bed. He will understand that during that time, he will be taken outside to relieve himself. The routines will prevent him to soil inside the house. A dog is a smart animal, he will be able to understand what is he taught. If you don’t set him a schedule, he will also know it. He might relieve himself anywhere he wants. Surely you don’t want it to happen, right?

6. Litter box

If you are unable to take your puppy out for toilet breaks, you may consider to provide him a litter box. The most common choice is a potty pad. Some companies claim that potty pads have the smell which attract your dog to use them for toilet purpose. There is another litter box which is also good. It’s synthetic grass. If you actually aim to have your dog trained to relieve outside the house, this choice is the best.

7. Clean

Whenever accidents happen, quickly clean the area. It’s a good idea to buy urine remover. If you don’t clean it thoroughly, your puppy might make it a habit to pee at the same time. Though you think the smell is gone, your puppy still able to smell it. So, buy a specific cleaner to clean his mess.

8. Monitor camera

If you want to know whether your puppy is okay at home alone, you might consider to install a monitoring system or a camera to see your puppy. Pet monitor usually use a wifi signal to send a video to you. You can choose the specification accordingly. Some camera will have motion detecting which only switched on when there is a movement. There is also other model with two-way microphone so you can talk to your dog and you can listen to your dog’s voice. Another model comes with treat container where you can feed your puppy with delicious treats.

9. Entertaining your puppy

A bored dog is dangerous. He will become very noise. Whining, barking, scratching, you mention it. One of a good way to keep your puppy entertained is to make him busy. So it’s better to make him occupied with activities. You can leave him toys so he can play by himself. I would recommend you Kongs where you can fill it with food and freeze it. Then you give it to your puppy to be busy getting the food from it.

10. Find a dog-friendly job

This could be your dream job if you really love to spend time with your dog and a bit reluctant to leave him alone for too long. This kind of job will make it easier to train your puppy at home. Or if you work near home, you can go back home every lunch break to check on your puppy.

From those 10 Ways to Housebreaking Your Puppy When You Work Full Time, I believe you will be more confident in leaving your puppy to work. Otherwise, you may see in 10 Easy Tips to House Train Your Puppy to get profound knowledge regarding the training for your puppy.

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