Black Welsh Mountain Sheep And What So Special About It

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As for today, what we are going to talk about is about sheep, regular livestock and very common around the world. Sheep are sources for wool and delicious lamb meat and they are valuable livestock. In many part of the world, sheep farming are valuable industry for their country and therefore they are important aspect of the country.

Today, what we are going to talk about is not just regular sheep you can find in farm, not the domesticated sheep like you think about. Not regular sheep that are white, cuddly, and warm, but Black Welsh mountain sheep that are actually pretty rare. Black Welsh mountain sheep is rare kinds of sheep that not many people could have their lucky chance to meet with them. They are pretty rare, and therefore quite a sight to see. With their majestic horn and beautiful black wool, they are quite a sight to see, especially if you are sheep lovers.

However, many people don’t know about it. What is Black Welsh Mountain Sheep And What So Special About It? What you need to know about it, and why it is so special about it? We are going to explain to you about it in a short time, so be sure to sit tight, grab some pop corn, juice and soft drink as it might take a while to explain this majestic sheep. So, let’s started right away shall we? 


What is Black Welsh Mountain sheep? And why is it so special?


Black Welsh Mountain sheep or in Welsh tongue, Defaid Mynydd Duon, is a rare type of Welsh Mountain sheep that have different coloration from normal sheep. Normal Welsh mountain sheep have bright white wool just like other regular sheep breed in the world. However, due to genetics factor, some of the flocks of Welsh Mountain Sheep might have black color as their wool. Some indigenous people tie this with myth, especially with old Celtics myth that black sheep is a sign of omen, bad luck and witch craft. However there aren’t many people believe in myth anymore and therefore the Black Welsh Mountain sheep is now considered just like many other sheep, but with special coloration.

From the characteristics, and physical appearances, black welsh mountain is no difference than regular Welsh Mountain sheep, just black coloration on their body. Just like regular Welsh Mountain Sheep, they have wool in their body, covering their body, but however their face and legs aren’t covered with wool. They are actually pretty small sized sheep compared with other kinds of sheep in the world and regular farming sheep. Welsh Mountain sheep males or ram are horned while their females or ewe are polled. What makes this sheep is quite good and valuable livestock is that they can reproduce quickly, meaning the cycle of lamb production is pretty fast, and they also have very good milk and higher fertility, meaning one ewe can have many lambs during their lifetime.

Black Welsh Mountain sheep might be quite rare, as there aren’t many places in the world you can see this pitch black sheep. Black Welsh Mountain sheep is commonly found in Wales. For those who don’t know, Wales is part of British isles, located north of Scotland in the north of England. Wales is small country and their country is mainly consists of forest, grassland, hills and swamp. Wales have very vast grassland and hills and this is very good natural habitat for sheep, and therefore they also have their endemic sheep in their country and it is Welsh Mountain Sheep. However, for some reason, in many cases, there is a birth of black sheep in some flocks, making what we know as Black Welsh Mountain sheep. The reason why there are some birth in normal flocks that result in Black colored sheep is unknown but mainly because of genetics.

Now, there are at least 10.000 population of Black Welsh Mountain sheep. They mostly kept in one separate sheep flocks from regular colored sheep. Black sheep then will be breed with other black sheep in order to maintain their genetics of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. Their unique natural black wool is something that you can’t have it easily, that’s why there are now many farmer that breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep separately. You can meet Black Welsh Mountain sheep in many farms around Wales and Scotland, but there are also certain parts of the world where you can meet them like in U.S.A.

So, in conclusion, Black Welsh Mountain sheep are special kinds of Welsh Mountain sheep that have natural black wool from the birth. Their pitch black wool are sought after, and have their own specialty, that’s why many farmer try to breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep, and separating them from normal sheep. As for their care, there aren’t much special and different care, however they need to be kept in one black sheep flocks. That’s it on our Black Welsh Mountain Sheep And What So Special About It information article. If you love it, please leave your opinion and like in our article here.