What to do for a Proper Action toward Iguana Various Behaviors?

As an owner of iguanas  you are demand to understand your animal as good as possible. Knowing their habitual and what to do for a proper action toward iguana various behaviors. You should know that iguana is not natural domesticated animal to be pet, they were part of the wild animals and lived in the wildlife. Consequently, the need to taming an iguana is important due the safety of you and even iguana itself.

Learn more about their natural habitat and how they live their life would give you deeper understanding on how you would react to iguana’s behaviors. Beside the habitual, the most important aspect you need to pay much attention is health state. There are some common diseases that could strike your iguana, such as skin problems and eyes problems. In this point, make sure you give the best diet menu is the perfect thing to do. Provide all the vital nutrient for the body, so they could create proper antibody as a shield from external bad substances as bacterial and viruses.

Furthermore, what to do for a proper action toward iguana various behaviors? Let’s check it out together, my friends!


Behavior is the expression and reaction of the situation and condition that happen surround us. Behavior a lot of time associated with daily routine activities and spontaneous reaction of particular event. Like human, some behaviors are shaped by the routine habitual that unconsciously happened without the tendency to do it; it just happened because we used to do it in our daily life. But, beside it, there are behaviors which occurs as spontaneous responses of the ongoing events.

Spontaneous behaviors triggered by the emotional responses, such as angers, fears, happiness, agitation, threaten, and etc. Human and animal are the only creatures contained with this special mechanism. No wonder if your animals would display aggression toward things surround them because of this feeling of threaten and fears. Furthermore, behavior also become the medium for your animal to communicate with you. They could not talk to you, so they would use body language and gestures to tell you how they feel about something.

It is your job to be more sensitive and more understanding on what they are up to, because a lot of time some emotions are displayed in slight movement and gesture, not overreact movement. This is need Intents observation and frequently, and of course it would take a time. Commitment is important foundation for the execution; be patient and take your spare time to monitor every movement of your beloved iguana. This is the only way for you to memorize your iguana behaviors. However, these are some of the basic and common behavior of iguana that frequently displayed by iguana in daily life.

Feet and Claws

Iguana’s claws used as gripping function to hold materials around them. A lot of cases claimed that and owners iguana got scratched by their iguana is occured by accident. Your iguana would not attack you if you are not display and exhibit some threaten gesture on them. The simple words to explain is that as long as you’re not pissed them off, you would be fine. However, if you being scratched, perhaps it happened only on purpose to get support balancing. Don’t be worry to much, my friends.

If this is happened to you, just relax and put your iguana back slowly into their place (in case you hold them). If you did nothing to triggered this action, then it’s just an accident, wash and clean the scratch with antiseptic or soap.


Biting action occur based on anger, anxiety, or fear reactions. The biting could also become the sign that your iguana is unhappy. Your certain actions (consciously or unconsciously) was responded by your iguana as aggressive or unpleasant things, so the bite more or less was form as protection, or simply your iguana is just in a bad mood. Observe the actions would help you to determine the moods and further actions exhibit by your iguana.

Biting is form of aggression; if iguana bite you, put them back in the tank and step back to give them a space. Aggression was not happened on sudden, so you might to know the real culprit that make your iguana exhibit a bad manner. For the example in breeding season, iguana would exhibit aggression behavior than in normal season; it is normal. Other case is caused by the small cage that caused them stress and exhibit aggression toward you or other people.

The thing is, you have to know the culprit first, and give them space to be alone and undisturbed.

Eyes Sign

So many emotional intuition used eyes as the expression, just like us who would roll our eyes whenever we feel boring or saturate of someone. Furthermore, it is important to know body languages of the iguana, so you could determine how to react to what they feel. Closed eyes was a sign of relaxation and happiness, and an evil stares as the devil himself stares at you is a sign that they want to kill you – nope, kidding – it’s a sign that your beloved iguana is unhappy. The sign of curiosity is dilated eyes while the iguana stares on particular object.

Mouthing Behavior

Opening the mouth could be a sign of particular emotion feeling. An open mouth is a a warning of too hot environment, so immediately move the to a shadowing place of cooler places. Also, when your iguana is open his mouth slightly, is the sign that curiosity has taken over him. This behavior is totally safe and normal. But, beware folks, an open mouth could be a sign of upset to. So, all you need to do is try all the options above.


Hissing was a form of defense. Your iguana would also do a clicking made by the open mouth of iguana, followed by dewlap distention, and the iguana would compress his body to look taller and intimidating. The reason of hissing, he really pissed off or in threaten or both of them. All you need to do is back off, do not try to approach them. As the time goes by, the anger would fade away, and you might can get close to your iguana again.

What to do for a proper action toward iguana various behaviors? Be patient and predictable. Do not rush or do thing that could harm your iguana (punch or hit them), just response them patiently. Also, be predictable. Do not do something that might surprise your iguana, because he hates it so much.