Your Dog Suddenly Seems Tired? Here’s 10 causes

Hello dog lovers! How are you today?  Today we will explain some things that simple but it is important. Well, are you ever meet your dog suddenly seems tired? Here are 10 causes. Let’s go to the point.

1. It is too hot, overheating

Summer, the weather tends to be hot and dogs can overheating. The dog will continue to thirst and also feel tired quickly; high body temperature, teary eyes, red tongue and gums even the increasing in pulse rate that is quite high than usual. So, that you should do are moves or place him in a cool place away from the heat of sunlight. Make its cage cool and always ready fresh water. This is to avoid the dog’s dehydrated.

2. The breed of dog

The varieties breed of dog can also be a factor why they can get tired quickly. Some types of dogs that have short snouts and wide faces, for example; pugs, Boston, terries, boxers, and bulldogs. Dogs of this type often feel tired because they have difficulty breathing under certain conditions. This usually happens when the dog is out of the house too long, or playing too long outside the house. What can be done for this type of dog is that you have to keep watching him, give him frequent breaks, and do not force them to continue their activities. Always prepare fresh water and also his treats, it is to make him feel comfortable.

3. Your dog has some diseases

Your dog is too fat, and he does not want to exercise. This can also be the reason why dogs get tired too quickly. His body is too fat, it can make dogs experience several severe diseases, they are heart and lung disease. Before the dog experiences these disease, you can help him with these; play with your dog and do many activities. Schedule and arrange dog food portions, or you can consult with a veterinarian first. Give the dog enough nutrition, not too much or too little. This method can slightly reduce your dog’s weight. Do it patiently and repeat it. Your dog will turn to much better than before.

4. Hypothyroidism

A disease caused by a malfunction of the thyroid gland. This causes the dog to sleep more and get tired too quickly. The thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones so that the metabolic rate in the dog slows down, the calories in the dog burn only a little, this is what causes your dog to look lethargic, dry skin, reduced heart rate, muscle weakness, and weight gain are signs of dogs affected by this disease. If these signs appear on your dog, immediately bring him to the vet closest to you for the further examination.

5. Anemia

Does your dog have anemia? Anemia can occur in dogs, it is not only in humans. Anemia is where the condition of red blood cells has a low volume so that the body experiences a lack of oxygen. Signs of symptoms of anemia in dogs; weak, lethargic, gum and tongue have pale colors, black poop, and loss of appetite. If your dog has anemia, immediately check with the veterinarian. Usually, the vet will take your dog’s blood for testing in the laboratory. This is to help veterinarians to find the sources of causes of anemia and what treatments are needed for your dog.

6. The depression

Depression can also make your dog feel tired faster. How? Depression is a psychological factor where dogs are in a state of anxiety, stress, and fear for several reasons such as; weather changes, transfers to new owners, moving new homes, separating from loved ones, and even losing their friends or owners. When dogs experience depression dogs will lose interest in their favorite activities. These are what causes them to often feel tired than usual. Signs of an anxious dog can be seen from its habits; running around, whining, hiding even the dog’s body shaking.

7. He got an infection

When other dogs experience infectious diseases, your dog can get the infection too. Infection can spread through various methods; bacteria, viruses, even parasitic infections. When the dog has an infection, your dog will look lethargic and sleepy. The first thing you should do, separate the other dogs from infectious diseases from your dog, separate the cages and other equipment with your dog. Contact your vet to go to your home to consult what steps to take so that your dog doesn’t get the same infection. The veterinarian will provide prevention such as injections so that your dog’s immune system increases.

8. Low-nutrition foods

Have you provided dog food with the right nutrition? Dogs need good quality food and this will greatly affect the dog’s energy level, making the dog more energetic and more active. The otherwise, foods with low nutrition will actually make the dog affect its energy level, so your dog looks more tired, lethargic and sleepy quickly. Then, what nutrients are right for dogs? Make sure the nutrition provided is just the age of your dog, an adult or puppy. Give canned food or dry food according to the dosage specified on the product label. You can compare the ingredients contained in several different dog food brands. Make sure the dog food is safe and always check the expiration date. Alternatively, you can also make your own dog food in a way, find it the DIY recipe on the internet or in a book.

9. No more to do 

Your dog just does not do more, he already just boring. No friends, your too busy with yourself so he feels alone. He has full of toys but your dog seems bored of this. The perfect idea that you should do is change your schedule, pick one to three days and pick him with you to take a walk. Why don’t you bring him to the beach? Well, there are many easy tips for taking your dog to the beach.

10. He is old now

Why does your dog look tired? The last reason he often gets tired because of the age factor. When dogs are young, they are very energetic and active. The otherwise, when they get old, they choose to rest rather than do physical activities. Then, is there a way to treat old dogs well? Make sure you provide enough and good nutrition for your beloved dog. Even though he is old, you need to maintain his nutrition, he can also survive longer in his old age. In dogs that are old, the body’s metabolism begins to slow, so make sure you don’t over to give his food. The excess food provided will make your dog fat and this can make dogs get heart disease.

Hopefully, the above of your dog suddenly seems tired? Here are 10 causes. It can give you some benefits, with these you already know how to treat your dog well or you can go to your vet directly if your dog is sick. Besides, if you need more information you can also take a look these are some natural ways to make your dog smells good all daythe best dog food for dogs with skin allergiesthe anti-rabies vaccine effects on dogs, and the best ways to make a dog get along with other dogs peacefully.