Best ways to Make a Dog Get Along with Other Dogs Peacefully


Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy always everyday and more. Hey, how many dogs that you have inside your house? One, two, or even more dogs? Well how many dogs that you have is up to you, but if you only have one single dog, it is recommended for you to bring her a companion you know. For your information dog could also feel lonely even though we are here playing with her every day, yup just like human even though we are companied by a dog every day eventually we will start looking with human companion after all, same goes with a dog; they could not be lonely forever. Which is why, today animallova would like to give you the Best Ways to Make a Dog Get Along with Other Dogs Peacefully.

One thing for sure, if your dog has been lonely enough for a long time, then it could be trickier for you to make her get along with her new companion. Dog who has been lonely usually considered another dogs as a threat to her territory, food, and even to you. No wonder, if you buy a new dog there might be a little fight between them, but sometimes it gets more intense and you must break the fight as soon as possible. However, there are a few ways for you to make sure that your lonely dog get settle in with her new companion which are :

Provide each dogs with their own beds

Yup, you can’t expect them to sleep together in one bed. They need time if you want them to do so. Socializing for dogs might take a while so it is impossible for a new dog sleep together on one bed. However, you could still place them in the same room though, but don’t place the bed to close to one another or there would be a territory fight at the dog’s sleeping room. Also, don’t forget to say good night and place them on their own bed personally. Do not let one of your dog sleep with you, as not only it is not good for your health but also it will cause a jealousy for another dog, which means another dog fight again.

Different feeding bowl

When it’s feeding time, don’t expect them to eat together on a bowl in harmony. Dogs have this superior-inferior habits that you might not aware of. When, you have two dogs at your home there would be a superior dog and inferior dog. A superior dog would love to feed all the food from the bowl and left nothing but leftover to inferior dog. Yup, if you only provide one bowl of food then be prepared as one of your dog might not be well fed. Which is why it is mandatory for a dog lovers who has brought a new dog companion for their old dog to provide different feeding bowls for each dogs in order to prevent fighting between them. Also, as a starters do not place the feeding bowl closely to one another.

Be fair

Yup as an owner you must be fair. Don’t give too much affection to one dog, remember you must be fair. If you want to give a treat to your dog; share it fairly, if you want to let your dog to sleep with you; let them both sleep with you, if you want to walk them out; you must walk both of them. If you are unable to be fair, then another dog might get jealous and will try to get rid of her competitor which means another dog fight.

Also, your dog needs time to accept another dog into her territory. So, before assessing whether she will accept the new dog into her new territory, you could help speed up the process by following these tips, check it out!

  • Take them to someplace quiet
  • Keep them on a leash
    • Even though you want them to get along each other, does not means it is okay for them to be un-leashed. There are high chance if your dogs are un-leashed to fight each other. You know, the leash is your tool to prevent them to fight each other. So, if you are sensing that your dog might attacks his companion you could simply walk them away with the leash.
  • Let them come and enter home together
    • If you let one dog enter the home first, then be prepared as another dog would considers herself as the superior one. If dog feels herself as superior then she will try to get everything for herself, thus there is no chance for them to get along afterall. By letting them come and enter your home together, they will feel that you treated them both as equal thus they will start respecting each other and eventually they will finally get along.

Well that is all fellow dog lovers! Yes, we all know that introducing one dog into another is indeed difficult task to do, especially for a long-time lonely dog. As they will regards other dogs as a threat to anything she have such as you, her territory, and her food. So, if you decided to bring a companion for your dog then you must be prepared as it would be challenging to make them get along. You must  be patient and passionate while introducing them to one another. Not only that, you must provide for both of them and treated them fairly. So, don’t give up and good luck!.

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