How To Help Inability To Urinate In Your Dogs

Hello there, how is your dog, today? Is he in a good condition? We already talk about how to treat a dog with a disease like the tips on how to treat Dog ear infection without a vet and how to treat yeast ear infections in dogs. Otherwise, has your dog ever get an inability to urinate?  So, […]

How To Stop Your Dog From Lying Down During Walks

While your dog walks, it seems he is often tired and he always lying down during walks. So, how to stop your dog from lying down during walks? Below here are the tips on how to stop your dog from lying down during walks. But you have to see the reasons first in here some causes […]

How To Treat A Dog That Has Trouble Walking

Have a dog is reaĺly fun, we can play with him; you can take your dog to the beach let’s see how the tips on some tips for taking your dog to the beach, otherwise while in the beach you have to use your supervision, Why? Let’s take a look at this tip on how to […]

How To Clean Tartar Off From Your Dog’s Teeth

Hello the dog’s lovers, last time we already know about the tips on how to properly clean your dog’s teeth. Now, we will give you another way how to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth? Well, some home remedies are very effective to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth. Otherwise, some medical treatment is […]

How To Handle With Your Dog’s First Night At Home

Hello there, are you still excited to know more about dogs? If it is yes, today we will learn about simple things but it is a must. It is an important thing especially you as the new owners. Well, when you adopted a dog or you pick a dog in the street to a home. […]

How To Avoid Beach Hazards On Your Dog

Well, previous time we already explain some tips on how to prepare your dog to the beach on some tips for taking your dog to the beach. However, sometimes the beach can be a friendly place but also can be a harmful place to your lovely dog. Therefore, how to avoid beach hazards on your […]

How To Train Your Dog To Use Bathroom Outside

Hi there, how is your dog today? Have you any problem with your dog? It seems you have a problem how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside. Well, it is easy it is the same as how to do litter training for your rabbit?. Okay, let’s check it out below here are […]

How To Properly Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Human usually brushes their teeth for their health. Dogs are too, they need to clean his teeth to his health. However, how to properly clean your dog teeth? There are several home remedies that can clean your dog’s teeth properly. With these ways, your dog’s smell will better than do nothing (not do cleansing teeth). […]

What You Need To Prepare For Your Dog’s First Camping Trip

The dog is very special for family, he can be our guard and keep us from harm. So, this summer you have a plan to go camping with your family. But it is not fair if your lovely dog just stays at home, alone. Then, you decide to take him with you and prepare all […]

Your Dog Suddenly Seems Tired? Here’s 10 causes

Hello dog lovers! How are you today?  Today we will explain some things that simple but it is important. Well, are you ever meet your dog suddenly seems tired? Here are 10 causes. Let’s go to the point. 1. It is too hot, overheating Summer, the weather tends to be hot and dogs can overheating. […]