10 Easy Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Beach

It’s summer, it’s the right time for taking your dog to the beach. Unless taking a dog to the beach, it needs some preparation to do. So, how are the easy tips for taking your dog to the beach? Below here are the 10 easy tips for taking your dog to the beach. Let’s check it out.

1. Like or do not like swim

Is this your first time for taking your dog to the beach? Find it out first, your dog like to swim or not, how? Before taking your dog to the beach, you can place a rubber pool in your backyard. Fill it with water, then train your dog to swim, if he wants to swim he will immediately jump and swim but if he just walking around, and he looks pale. So, he does not want to swim. However, you can train your dog to swim in this way; you can wear a life vest for your dog. Otherwise, if you do not have time to train him in your house, you can train him at the beach, train it in the calm sea water. Your dog doesn’t want to swim maybe he has trauma, you also can see on some signs of a traumatized dog.

2. The rules of beach

Before you take your dog to the beach, please find out does the beach allow to brings a dog? Make sure the beach allows a dog, if it is not, please respect the rule and go find another beach that allows a dog. You can find it with the internet, you can search on the internet that the local beach near you allows the dogs. Besides the rules of the beach, you should consider the rules of the hotel too. Besides the rules of the beach, you should check the condition of the weather too. Check on your smartphone that the weather is good, it is not you could reschedule on the other day. Happy holiday. 

3. Packing time

It’s packing time, so what are the things that need for you and your dog on the beach? Prepare these needs for your dog; pack lots of mineral water, why? Your dog can hydrate too, so pack lots of mineral water. The weather on the beach is very hot, pack lots of mineral water is avoid your dog from dehydration. Second, take some his dog food and complete with its bowl. Then, bring its collar, treats, toys and dog’s diaper if you have. However, please prepare some towels, animal shampoo, sunblock, even sun umbrella. What’s for sun umbrella? Your dog needs some rest, so you should bring this too to the beach.

4. Protect their paws

The sand on the beach is very hot, it can burn your dog’s paw. So, you can give them paw pads to protect their paws. With this, your dog will be more comfortable when he walks in the shoreline. Besides wearing them paw pads, do not forget to place his collar. This ID is very important, the ID is complete with the contact information. So, while you lose your dog, you can call the police and you can tell that your dog has an ID. It will help the police to be identifying your dog. For more information check this allergies relief for dogs

5. Apply sun protection

Apply sun protection too, it is not just human can get burn by sunlight. Your dog’s fur can burn by sunlight too, so take your sun protection to apply some to your dog fur. With this, your dog’s fur will safe from the hot weather at the beach. Be careful to apply the sun protection in his face, make sure it doesn’t hit his eyes. However, if your dog has itchy skin, you can see on some home remedies to relieve  your dog’s itchy skin

6. Keep your dog on your sight

Keep your dog on your sight, make sure your dog always beside you, why? Usually, the most dog will drink the salty water at the shoreline, digging on the sand, even finding hidden objects. So, if your dog drinks the salty water at the shoreline, just call your dog to let your dog rest under the sun umbrella, and you can give him fresh water in his bowl. It might your dog is dehydration, that is why he drinks that salty water. However, if you see your dog digging on the sand and even finding hidden objects tell to your dog that is bad behavior or you can call him to stay beside you. It will be dangerous if your dog finding somethings that harmful, such as; jellyfish, broken glass, garbage, and else. For more information, you can see on some common causes of skin problems in dogs.

7. Take poop bags

While you taking your dog for walking on the shoreline, do not forget to take your scoop and the poop bags. Beach is a public place, and people do not want to see any “surprise” when they dig sands while making a sand castle. So, prepare the poop bags and scoop always in your bag. Rule number one on the public place is keeping the nature clean, okay. 

8. Bring some toys

Is it necessary to bring some toys? Absolutely yes, because it will avoid your dog find somethings that could make him harm, such as garbage, broken glass, old fishing gear and else. Bring some toys could entertain your dog, and make your dog feel comfortable. Besides you can play together with him, you can play frisbee with him. You can teach your dog, how fast he can catch his frisbee as well. 

9. Rinse your dog before go home

A whole day you taking your dog to the beach, your dog rolling him self on the sand. Before you want to go home, you must rinse your dog or bathing your dog as well. First, shower him let the water go through to all its coat. Then, take your animal shampoo and bathing your dog as well. Make sure all the body full of the bubbles, except his face. Then, rinse your dog with the clean water. After that, you can dry it with the bath towel as well and let it dry a few minutes, and it is done. See more some tips on easy ways to get rid of smelly dog odor

10. Keep everything is okay

Packing all your supplies and equipment that you used at the beach. Make sure all the things are clean, no more sand. However, if there is still any sand, you should cover your car (foot rest) with cloth or old news paper to keep your car clean. Check all your supplies and your equipment once again, even your dog’s garbage. Do not throw the garbage at the beach. Just pick your garbage and throw that in the trash.

Hopefully, the 10 easy tips for taking your dog to the beach can be useful for you. With these 10 easy tips for taking your dog to the beach, you will know that your dog loves beach as well as you. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the beach now.