7 Deadly Signs of Aging for Our Adorable Dog


Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy always, every day, and more. Indeed dog is God’s adorable creature meant to be our most loyal pet and also an alternative companion that could always accept us whatever we are. Yup, as a dog lover we must be grateful that our Mighty has created such adorable creature that will always able to cheer up your day, and will get sad every time you left home. Which is why, as an owner and a friend we must able to take care of our dog properly and treat her as best as possible. Do not let your dog regret her life with you; let her live and die remembering that she had you the person who were her best friend in her live.

Speaking of dog’s live, that is indeed a destiny that anyone could not avoid including for dogs; a destiny that has been written since the beginning of their lives, death. Yup, one day your dog must face death and return to God’s arm. Surely a day that a dog lovers does not want it to happen. As a wise man said that “Death is inevitable.” We’ll never know when us or our dog’s lives will end, it could be now, later when you guys take a walk, or maybe next year; no one knows. However, one thing for sure, you could know the phase of your dog starts to come near death; the phase of aging, the day your dog becomes old.

When, your dog has become old you knew the day of her burial will pass sooner or later, you must prepare for it; but, don’t worry we could prolong her live. Destiny is fluid, human and another creatures has their freedom to bend their own destiny; a man who got suicide definitely bend his fate into death, but a man who never give up is indeed bend his fate to live much longer. Which is why, we must able to help our dog to live longer and healthy as long as possible, but first you must know the 7 Deadly Signs of Aging for Our Adorable Dog; provided by animallova. So, check it out!.

1. Age-related Diseases

  • First thing that is noticeable if our dog has started to become aging is we could simply identify a particular age-related diseases that usually occurs to an aging dog such as joint damage.
  • Joint damage is a common disease for a dog that has started to become old. The older the age of the dog is, the more chances of her getting a joint trouble; as there is not enough juice left on her body to fix out her body’s cells and let those joint to work properly.

2. Change of Behavior

  • Becoming old means that your dog has less energy and need a lot of rest. This situation will create a change of behaviour in your dog; if your dog is usually happy to see you home, and always ask you to play with her, then one day she starts become less enthusiastic about all of those and prefer to eat, rest, and walk a bit. Yup, age could not be defeated and death is inevitable.

3. Decaying Teeth

  • Just like an old-man who has lost all of his teeth, a dog could also suffers from this and indeed it is because of aging. This situation will make your dog become uncomfortable especially when it comes to eating. She will become reluctant to eat as eating means suffering for her teeth.

4. Stiffness

  • Do you guys know Ronaldinho? A great footballer who has speed and agility to dribble and keep the ball to his feet and using it to pass through his opponent? Yup, back when he was in his prime, but when he became old; all of his agility and speed slowly but sure is gone for good, a stiffness has come to eat those feet and body. The same goes for a dog, when you think your dog is the fastest and cheerful dog alive; one day she will become an old stiff old-men who walks slowly into the park. When this happens, it is undefeatable.

5. Weaker Sense

  • Age not only consume your dog’s physic but also consume your dog’s sense. Her tingling sense will become weaker, her ability to smell prey and danger will become weaken than before and degrading from time to time. She will have trouble to identify whether a food is edible or not. Yup, being old is suck.

6. Weight Loss or Gain

  • There are two possibilities of body change for your dog when it comes to aging, whether your dog will become fat or thin. This situation is commonly happen to an aging dog.

7. Incontinence

  • Yup, just like an old-men, dog will unable to control her bladder anymore. She might poop or pee out of nowhere in the middle of a room full of people in a bright day light. Don’t be angry at her, she’s just becoming old. Yet, once again it is suck to become old.

When her aging phase is passed, the death will claim your dog’s live. So, we suggest you to prepare against it. However, we could try to prevent those signs and even prolong our dog’s live by :

  • Giving her a proper food

Don’t give her food with many calories and fat that will cause a trouble in the future.

Walking your dog will help your dog to exercise and make her body stronger.

  • Bring her to a vet regularly

Taking your dog to a vet regularly for a medical check is indeed worthy of your time and money, especially if you wanted your dog to live long enough.

Just remember fellow dog lovers, death is inevitable. So, when the time comes, mourn properly and move on. Good luck!.

*Bark away