What to expect with an older dog?


Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy as a horse, everyday and more; may God bless both of you with a long memorable bond that will be remembered by your children, as they will remember how strong your bond is with your dog. Yup, especially if you raised your dog since she was puppies; indeed the bond will be stronger than a metal fiber, simply unbreakable. One day, a dog lovers will be grateful to have a loyal companion that accompanied them for life.

However, there is something that we need to know, even though we raised our dog since she was puppies; one thing for sure that time flies so fast, and one day you will realize it by knowing that cute little puppy has become a brave adorable dog. At this time, you will realize time is fluid and uncontrollable, you thought that raising a puppy would be a long journey of your life; but it would be fast and poof your puppy has become a dog.

As time flies, day to day you realize something; just like us who can be old, dog could be old too just like the rest of God’s Creation. We got old and what the worse is? Dog become old quicker than us. When that time come, our dog has changed her status, from a friend into an elderly friend that needs your intensive care. Everything will change between you guys of course, also remember no one could defeat age. Which is why, today animallova would like to give you What to Expect with an Older Dog, so you could prepare yourself to face all the possibilities and take care of your old dog properly without a doubt and full of passion.

However, animallova would like to warn you, especially if you already have an old dog, then you must prepare as we have told you before that no one could beat out age. Old is a gate to a certain outcome; we have been told about it since the beginning of the dawn, even writer is sure that you guys have seen the things that were affected because of it. Yes, the outcome would be as we have known called death. Death has a devastating effect for those who love those which soul has been taken by Death, including our beloved dog. So, if the time comes, face it, mourn your dog properly, and move on.

1. Physical Degradation

  • Just like a football player, an old dog is indeed will suffer from physical degradation. Look at Messi, 6 years a go he could still able to score 50 goals a season, but nowadays? Not much anymore. Now, look at your dog, the one cute cheerful adorable dog who once enthusiastic to play catch with you, to walk with you, or simply hunt a small prey; if she’s already in an old age indeed she will become reluctant, move even slower, and prefer to sleep and eat rather than playing with you.
  • This signs is usually happens especially for an old dog, however you could decrease it’s effect by training your dog properly. At her youth, you must take her for a walk regularly at least once in two days, and don’t give her too much junk food; just simply give her the best healthy food for her. Don’t worry about the “Healthy food is not tasty.” Stereotype, you could find some recipe for dog food that is indeed tasty and healthy.

2. Intelligence Degradation

  • The older we get, the harder for us to learn new things right? The same goes for a dog. The older a dog gets, the harder for us to teach her a new thing. As an older dog has met a brain cell degradation and it would take so many efforts just to teach her to sit.
  • If you decided to teach an old dog a new trick, then be prepared as it would require an extreme passion to do it.

3. Change of Behaviour

  • If you witnessed how your parents changed from youth to an elderly, then indeed you have witnessed how they behaviour has changed totally. From a brave great adult and once again turn into helpless baby. Your parents might start to blabbering and even lost control of their bladder. No wonder, if you are taking care of your old parents right now, such things are indeed just a normal day in the office.
  • Same goes with a dog. An old dog would starts growl and bark at nothing spontaneously, even she might more aggressive towards anything. Not only that, she would start to lose control of her bladder. A sudden poop or pee out of nowhere will happen randomly at your home. However, please don’t be mad at her, she’s just an old dog, she needs your sympathy and care. If you don’t want anymore bladder accident, then try to wearing a diaper for your dog, it would be effective and also funny to see a dog wearing a diaper.

4. Food Choice

  • You know, an old dog has problem to chew their food; as most of their teeth has started to become “old”. This situation will make her favourite food will become torture for her teeth. Sometimes, she will upset because she could not able to chew her favorite food anymore.
  • If she’s upset because of it, just remember to pet her in order to calm her down. Not only that, try to re-new the food into more elderly chewable food. You could mash her favourite food using blender and serve it again to her. No different taste, just different shape.

However, in the end her time of death will come eventually despite your effort to prolong her life. So we strongly suggest you to accept it, mourn her death properly, and move on. Good luck!.

*Bark away

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