Anti Rabies Vaccine Effects on Dogs

Rabies is the most well known disease which can infect your dog. Rabies is caused by rabies virus and it will attack central nervous system of your dog, please beware that rabies can also infect human. Rabies has early symptoms that similar with other infection based disease, such as fever, headache, and weakness. In a more advanced stage of rabies, many symptoms that related to central nervous system will appear and it will take a few days until death comes.

Its severity and high fatality rate make it clear that we have to do prevention for rabies. Even if you think you are in a rabies free area, you don’t take lightly the risk of your dog being infected by rabies. One infection can cause a rabies outbreak and it can

We know that vaccine is important prevention step for dog, many deadly disease can be prevented by a routine and complete vaccination. A dog with routine and complete vaccination is more likely live as a healthy and happy dog. Therefore as a disease that caused by virus, rabies can be prevented using anti rabies vaccine. We will learn together about Anti Rabies Vaccine Effect on Your Dog.

  • Rabies Prevention for Dog

The first effect that we will discuss together is obviously the main reason why we do anti rabies vaccination on our dog. We know very well that rabies has a high fatality rate and if we choose to cure rather than to prevent, then we are fighting a battle that most likely will lost. Anti rabies vaccine is the only answer about how we prevent our dog from being infected by rabies. There is no other way. Make sure you have a schedule for anti rabies vaccination for your dog, because anti rabies vaccine needs to be repeated every 2 years.

  • Reduce Rabies Outbreak for Animal in Neighborhood

Preventing your dog from rabies is also a form of participation in a bigger issue: eradicating rabies at least from your district / area. A rabies free area ensure all dogs in the area can live with a better level of health and lower risk of disease. Never underestimate any disease, this also applies to the rabies virus. A “rabies free” statement usually will lower our precaution and we think we are safe from its threat. Vaccination will surely reduce risk of rabies infection, but we must also watch our dog when they play outside to make sure they are safe from any threat, including contacting other dog that has rabies signs. Please do remember that any dog that infected by rabies in a rabies free area will be terminated as soon as possible, do you want your dog in that position?

  • Side Effect of Anti Rabies Vaccine

As well as other vaccine, anti rabies vaccine has side effects on your dog’s body. There are side effects that can be prevented and there are side effects that come without any reaction before. Side effects that can be prevented are among others: vaccine expired and caused disease, wrong schedule of vaccination, and unhealthy dog being vaccinated.

In case of unhealthy dog being vaccinated, there is a small chance your dog get overload by virus contained in vaccine. Virus in the vaccine usually in dormant state and cannot infect a healthy body. In a weak / sick body any virus can infect the body easily even if the virus is in most weakness form. It is better to do a check up for your dog’s health before scheduling for a vaccination.

Your dog can also show any form of allergy symptoms immediately after vaccination. Please pay attention for reaction like: swelling, constant itching, trouble breathing, and red eye. Any allergy symptom must be treated immediately because it may cause harm to your dog.

If an allergy symptom will show immediately, then a delayed reaction will come after several days and it will show in a slow manner. You need to watch your dog for a week after vaccination for unusual behavior. Remember that symptom does not show only physically but also emotionally. Today no further study can predict the cause and the precise time of delayed reactions. Usually the cause of delayed reaction can be seen when the symptom is clear.

For a mild reaction or symptoms like fever, local reactions, and common symptoms after vaccination, please consult your vet for proper treatment. We maybe thought that a mild reaction is common and nothing to be worried of. But we also need to be more aware that a mild reaction that doesn’t go away after several days is maybe a symptom of something bigger.

You cannot predict any side effect that will happen to your dog after vaccination, but you can prepare yourself for any outcome after vaccination. Consult and discuss with your vet for any possible outcome so you have a better preparation and can watch any symptom that may react in your dog.

That wraps things up about anti rabies vaccine on your dog. Always keep in mind that rabies is a big enemy for your dog’s health and also for your environment. Never take any risk lightly and never do on your own judgement, consult your vet for any suspicion.