6 Easy Guide to Treat Your Skinny Rabbit and Gain Healthy Weight Fast

A lot of rabbit owners getting confused when the rabbit seems skinny or lack of appetite. This kind of question often asked by the owner, “ how to improve the appetite?, why is rabbit reluctant to eat and skinny, how to fatten quickly ?”. If you asked that way, you don’t need to be surprised and confused to find the way out. As the owner of your rabbit, you have to take care of it and handle it with serious treatment once your rabbit is getting less appetite, moreover sick. If you are preplexed to find the solution, so this is the right way for you. Please focus carefully on these point 6 easy guide to treat your skinny rabbit and gain healthy weight fast.

Many people assume that all kind of vertebrates are the same, but there are some of them are able to absorb the food effectively as well as rabbit. Thus, it makes rabbit looks thin. Rabbit that has lack of  weight not only looks bad but also it can impact to the health problem like health disturbance as the result of uncompleted nutrition needs. Rabbit is quite selective in term of choosing its diet, since it cannot eat certain food beyond the ordinary one more often. Thus if you want to give new diet, you are pleased to combine it with other rabbit food in which matched with. Actually, taking care of a rabbit is not that complicated in case you know how to take care the rabbit well. In order to improve the weight, we intend to show you the tips to take care of rabbit in gainning higher weight. Especially to keep your baby bunny nutritions and weight without its mother, so here are 12 Most Important Guide To Take Care of Baby Bunny Without Its Mother

At the beggining, let us see some brief explanation about rabbit digestive system.

  • Digestive system of rabbit

It has complicated digestive system and it cannot digest whole diet at the same way. They can digest fructose very well, but quite hard to digest other saccarides. This is because the food substance and glucose will depose in cecum making poisonous bacteria grow significantly higher which may cause disease to rabbit. Rabbit is unable to digest cellulose as the digestive ability hardly digest the dietary fiber and the speed for managing all undigested particle is slow.

Digestion process begins from the mouth where the food will be broken down by teeth. When a rabbit eat someting, it will chew approximately 300 times and mixed with its saliva. When the food goes to be molten, it will take the food into esophagus and transferred into stomach. There the muscle construction will process the food, separate the particle, and mix them with stomach juice. The main function of stomach is actually storage organ and sterilization process before the food is moved to small intestine. The important part is actually begun to start in small intestine, where stomach acid is going to be neutralized and enzyme from liver and pancrease mixed with them. These enzymes are imoprtant to absorb carbohydrate, lipid, protein, and vitamine. Futhermore 90% fructose, protein, and other substance will be absorbed, but cellulose and other fiber will be removed. You might be think great particle will be fitrered and the smaller ones will pass through easilly ? No, inversly the undigested particle will be transferred into cecum in order to be fermented, but the bigger ones will be quickly removed into large intestine and moved out of body in the form of rounded feses.

Inside cecum, bacteria will digest cellulose, all kind of saccaride, starch, and protein in small intestine. Every 3 or 8 hours cecum will contract and push the material inside to return into large intestine, where the rest of them will layered by mucus and moved to anus. Those will become feses in black grape form in which it is called cecothropes or cecal pills. Besides, the large particles from undigested fiber which removed to large intestine will form hard feses in rounded form (fecal pills).

  • Main factors of difficulty of rabbit to be fat

1. Disease

Rabbit usually gets worms infection as well as human. That kind of disease can cause loss of weight, so you have to carry out the cleanliness of stall, diet, and drink. If you wanna take care you rabbit at home because more clean, so here are 5 Easy Ways to Rabbit-Proof Your House

2. Stress

Stressed rabbit will get loss of weight as it releases stress substance, catecholamine in which when this thing happens sustainably it will impact to loss of weight, heart failure, and death. Stressed can cause by the cage of your rabbit, so here are 10 Steps to Build A Comfy Cage for Your Rabbit

  • These are some ways that you can used to improve your rabbit weight:

1. Give dried food

Dried food is much easier to digest rather than the wet one, but we need to maintain dried food feeding well in order to avoid over feed.

2. Give chicken voer and pig voer

Eventually there is a lot vour in many kind to give. Once you want to push the advanced weight gain you can give both the chicken vour and pig vour. Why this vour? Both vour has very good essential noutrition to fasten the growth and development. Therefore, the best time to give the vour is in morning, while you can give vegetable or grass in the afternoon.

3. Give apple vinegar mixed water

As what people know that water is important for the body to maintain the balance of body fluid and help to ease the digestion process. Therefore in order to impove the rabbit’s health, you may add original apple vinegar, beside advancing healthy it is also able to make its fur looks shinning, improve imunity, maintain good bacteria inside the intestine, and make the body gets bigger thoroughly.

4. Feeding in the night

Less of diet in the night causes rabbit gets thin and depressed, although its wellnes is sufficient but rabbit tends to be thin. We need to understand that rabbit is nocturnal animal which needed to be fed in the night.

5. Rabbit Concentrate

There are some rabbit concentrate. You can make your own using various of ingredients such as vegetable, tofu waste, and bran. These three materials grilled and choped in tiny form then dried in the sun.

6. Fermented food

Recently there is  such new food from banana stems. The process comes from simple ingredients like banana stems, sugar, bran, and fermented material. This fermentation food can fatten the rabbit effectively.

At the end, rabbit needs to be treated specially and those above are some guide you may attempt to apply to you rabbit. It is the creature who needs the well-care as great as human needs.

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