Does Baby Bunny Rabbit have The Same Cares with The Baby Rabbit

Does baby bunny rabbit have the same cares with the baby rabbit? A lot of people asked this question because they were confused to differentiate between rabbit and bunny. Bunny rabbit and rabbit are popular small pet animals. Rabbits have many species, such as Rex Mix Rabbit, Pygmy rabbit, Angora rabbit, Flemish Giant rabbit and […]

Which is the Right One to Say, Bunny or Rabbit?

Who doesn’t love a bunny? Wait… who doesn’t love rabbits? Or… hares? Oh well, which one is correct? We often confused with these terms.: rabbit, bunny, and hares. Is it a bunny? Is it a rabbit? Are there any differences after all? Okay, hold up! In this article we will discuss the term bunny, rabbit, […]

6 Easy Guide to Treat Your Skinny Rabbit and Gain Healthy Weight Fast

A lot of rabbit owners getting confused when the rabbit seems skinny or lack of appetite. This kind of question often asked by the owner, “ how to improve the appetite?, why is rabbit reluctant to eat and skinny, how to fatten quickly ?”. If you asked that way, you don’t need to be surprised […]