6 Effective Method to Treat Rabbit That Won’t Eat

Rabbit is an adorable animal. Its cuteness make this furry animals are choosen to be pets. Not only kids, but also adults love to take care of them. Rabbits are tame animals, so you can stroking them and spend your time with playing together. Certainly pet them will make you feel so happy.

But, when you decide to pet a rabbit, you must always be prepared with the consequences that will happen next. Maybe while taking care of it, there are some problems, one of them is they don’t want eat. This is definitely worrying, because it’s unusual. The rabbits are active and adorable, suddenly become weak and lose appetite.Of course, as an animal lovers you do not want something bad happen your pet, right? If so, let’s look at the following explanationwhy rabbits lose appetite and how to treat them that don’t want to eat.

There is some problems that cause the rabbits don’t want to eat :

1. Digestive Problems

One of the main causes why your rabbit does not want to eat because of digestive problems like diarrhea and bloated. This disorder can be caused by several factors such as;  cleanliness of the cage (read this article Steps to Build A Comfy Cage for Your Rabbit and Easy Ways to Rabbit-Proof Your House to makes your rabbit being comfy at their lives), wrong treatment, improper feeding arrangement, or diarrhea caused by bad organism / microorganisms. If you let this happen, it will be fatal to your rabbit.

2. Stress

Not only human, rabbit can also feel stress. Stress can be caused by cage the rabbit for a long time and they do not have many activities (read this article Useful Tips to Make Your Rabbit Busy at Home ). Rabbit can not feel free to jump and playing because the limit space there, so they depressed.

3. Bored with the food

If you found that your rabbit don’t want to eat, maybe they’re already bored with same the food everyday. Try to not feed them to same food. You can replace the menu with the new one.

4. Toothache

A rabbit’s tootache can caused by tooth demage or teeth grow not fit. You can check if the rabbit was toothache by stroking the cheek. If a rejection reaction occurs, then it could be a toothache. Toothache can make the rabbit’s feel lazy to chew foods.

5. Scabies

Scabies is a skin desease. This desease usually infect cats, dong, or rabbit caused by microorganism, lice, or flea that can be found under skin. It will cause itchiness and the rabbit will frequently scratch their skin. As a result, it can left scars that turn into scabs. Scratching will keep them busy, so they will lose their appetite and sleep deprivation. These are characteristics of scabies desease that you must realize before everything gonna be late :

  1. There is a strange object that covers the legs that feel hard like a crust, white in color
  2. Around the mouth and nose there are spots of yellow spots like ulcers
  3. Rabbits become thin because of rarely eat
  4. Pregnancy. (Read this article Most Important Guide To Take Care of Baby Bunny Without Its Mother if you want to take care your baby bunnies who gets scabies mother).

When the birth is near, it’s usual if rabbits lose their appetite. They will tend to be lazy to eat some food. So as an owner you need to treat them carefully. The treatment that you can do can be read below.

So, there are many causewhy the rabbits do not want to eat. After knowing the factors, as an owner, you must be careful and more consider about the pet’s act change. Do not let this happen to your rabbit continuously. If you found that your pet don’t want to eat, don’t worry!

Here we have some solution to treat your rabbit and get back its appetite. You can handle it from the following treats below :

1. Keep the cage clean

First thing you need to concern when you treat animals is cage. Cage is their home, fixing faults on your cage like cleanliness is very important. The cage should be cleaned from any dirt once a day in the morning. The cleanliness of the cage can reduce the potential of disease. You can take the rabbit’s feces under the wire cage. Also rabbit’s feces can be used for plant fertilizer.

2. Keep the food steril

Not only cage, food must be clean and steril.If you give them food in the form of vegetables, washed first so your rabbit is protected from any disease.

3. Change the position of the cage

Furthermore, the position of the cage is one thing which you have to fix. Rabbits can not stand with direct sunlight, wind, and stuffy. If you place the cage on one of those condition, immediately change the location of your rabbit cage into a comfortable place.

4. New food

Then, the food. You need to change the feed you give to the rabbit from now on. Same food mightbe the cause of lose appetite or indigestion. If  you  used to feedingcthem with pellets, this time give them grass or fresh vegetables.But you have to be careful. Moreover, kale and cabbage are also foods that contain a lot of gas that is not too good for rabbits because it also results in the smell of urine. This change of food should not be done directly, but gradually. You can feed ¼ of the new feed in the early days, then you can add more portion of new feed and so on. Occasionally, give them their favorite food like carrot J.

5. Soften the food

Solid foods may also have to be reduced when your rabbit loses appetite. Because solid foods like mustard greens, kale, and cabbage can cause the rabbit bloated. In addition, softening the food or giving it soft food like canned pumpkin can be an effective way to get rabbit’s appetite back. For pregnant rabbits, you can feed them food into their  mouth. It also show your love.

6. Give drugs

If the rabbit get ill, you can give a drug from herbs or can be purchased from a rabbit stock shop. There’s so many kind of drugs for pet, you can buy drugs that corresponding to the type of disease. From another source, scabies can be cured with cat’s drug. But, it will be better if you consult to a veterinarian if your rabbit still sick and loses appetite. Don’t be late, because it will be fatal to your rabbit and causing death.

That’s it the explanationof some factors why rabbits don’t want to eat and six simple solution to treat your pet that don’t want to eat. I hope it may be usefulJ